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Weight Loss without Dieting: How to Lose 30 Lbs in 30 Days

Updated on September 22, 2017

Lose 30 lbs in 30 days

Do you have unwanted fat around your stomach, chest or thighs that you just can't seem to get rid of no matter how many diets you try?

Well stop dieting and do this 30 day workout instead. If you complete the full 30 day workout, you will lose 15 lbs or more without changing any part of your diet. Most people average 30 lbs in 30 days with this workout.

Is this workout any different that the others?

The simple answer to that question is yes.

This is a custom workout I experimented with and tracked for 30 days on two separate occasions.

I have personally helped 3 different people achieve their weight loss goals by referring them to this workout.

While I can not confirm their success personally, I have had many online testimonies from people that followed this workout plan to completion.

Pills don't work. Cardio videos are too strenuous.

Everyone wants to know the easiest way to lose weight. The problem is, that's it's not as easy as most would like it to be. Everyone wants that magical pill that eliminates excess body fat with no effort. Sorry my friend, but that pill does not exist.

Marketers have made millions on people who just did not lose the weight, either because their program was too difficult for the average Joe to maintain or just too strenuous on the body.

First off 99% of the weight loss pills don't work in any way. The pills that do work are usually designed for those with abnormal appetites or people who are severely obese. In those cases, pills do sometimes work, but usually only if they are prescribed by a doctor, not some television promoted infomercial pill.

The exaggerated success of weight loss videos grows more and more each year. Most of these weight loss videos are discouraging because you are often watching someone that is in 50 times better shape than you are perform extremely hard workouts that are very difficult for someone that is not in shape. These videos are made for people who are already in decent cardio shape. These videos tend to have a negative effect on people who simply want to lose fat, but not build muscle mass, which is generally what most people want to do.

The difficulty of these videos cause many people to waste money, buying DVDs, only to quit the workout less than a week into the regimen because the pace is just too much for them to handle.

This does not mean that you are lazy or incapable of losing weight. You just aren't the young, energetic kid you used to be.

To further demonstrate my point, P90X is a proven effective, but difficult workout. I have done it. I didn't stick with it for the sole reason that it is just not my type of workout. It is difficult. It left me sore each day and affected everything else I wanted to do for the rest of the day and sometimes even bled over into the next day.

You are always in doors, sweating your brains out, sore the next morning and barely able to walk. That isn't my ideal choice of workout and shouldn't be a last resort for you.

Can I lose weight?

Losing weight doesn't have to be hard.

The common misconception about losing weight is that you have to sweat profusely and feel the burn the next morning. I'm here to tell you, that is just a myth.

You don't have to sweat your brains out or be so sore that you can't perform your job well the next day.

I am 6 feet tall and weigh 160 lbs now. I started out weighing 235 lbs. Over a period of 3 months I was able to lose 75 lbs just by doing the simple workout technique that I am going to show you.

Many claim that dieting is the key to weight loss. While dieting will prevent tacking on additional fat, the physical activities you perform throughout the day are what sheds that excess fat. I didn't change a single thing about my diet and I'm not exactly the role model of healthy eating. I love hamburgers, pizza, chicken and sweets. I still was able to lose 75 lbs doing this simple workout routine.

I am not telling you it is alright to go out and eat greasy foods all day, every day. Think wisely before you pig out. It is alright to eat more than you should every once in a while, but remember that consuming mass amounts of food will not help you lose weight under any circumstance.

Repetitive Routines. The biggest work out mistake.

The #1 mistake that most people make is setting a workout routine that includes the same thing every single day. They walk 3 or 4 miles each day without changing anything up. This will produce minor results, but eventually it will level off.

The key to keep losing weight is extending your workout. Instead of walking 3 miles every day, start off walking 3 miles then move up to 4 miles. Then start walking 3 miles and try jogging a quarter mile, then half a mile.

Below, I will specify a daily routine that is easy to do. You won't be sore the next morning. You won't be so out of breath that it hurts your lungs, and best of all, this workout requires no equipment or purchase of any kind.

Supplemental pills can help speed up weight loss

I know I said diet pills don't work, but supplemental pills and diet pills are two entirely different things. Diet pills are designed to trick your body into thinking you are full and suppress your appetite. Supplemental pills are designed to provide essential vitamins and proteins to promote weight loss and repair muscle rehabilitation, enabling you to continue working out each day, feeling fresh and rested.

There are many different supplements being endorsed by different athletes or celebrities. I am here to tell you that most of them are bogus pills that offer the same amounts of vitamins and proteins you can get out of eating meats or taking a daily vitamin.

The supplements I can vouch for are Protein Powders such as Whey protein or 6 Star. They are both fairly cheap, costing about $15 bucks for a monthly supply. Protein powders give you extra protein help build lean, muscle mass, which helps to eliminate body fat by requiring your body to burn energy to pump blood to those muscles.

Another supplement I recommend is Amino Pro by GNC or BCAA Amino Acids. There are other similar Amino Acid supplements that will render the same results. These Amino Acid supplements help with muscle recovery and promote faster weight loss results. All of these supplements are safe as long as you follow recommended dosage directions.

The 30 Lbs in 30 Days Workout Plan

This workout requires 45 minutes to 1 hour of cardiovascular exercise each day

Day 1 - Walk 4 miles. Don't just slowly walk. Take a watch and time your miles. Make sure you are averaging 1 mile per 15 minutes. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 1 hour

Day 2 - Walk 4 miles. This time try to rotate your waist left to right, This works out your abs while you are walking and will help burn fat off of your abdomen. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 1 hour

Day 3 - Walk 4 miles, jog a quarter mile. Some may not be able to gut out the quarter mile. if so that's ok. Jog as far as you can. Try to jog for at least 2 minutes, this usually calculates up to a quarter mile. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 1 hour 5-10 minutes

Day 4 - Same as day 3. For those that couldn't gut out the quarter mile on day 3, make sure you at least gut it out today even if you have to jog 1/8 of a mile in two intervals. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 1 hour 5-10 minutes

Day 5 - Walk 3.5 miles, jog half a mile. This day you need to start off jogging. Jog for a quarter mile, if you can, then walk 3 miles. After 3 miles of walking try to jog the other quarter mile then walk the last half mile to cool down. Again for those that find it difficult to do the full quarters just break it down into one-eighth mile intervals between your walking miles. Estimated time of workout: 1 hour

Day 6 - Walk 3.5 miles, jog half a mile. Basically the same thing as day 5. Start out jogging a quarter mile. This time use the waist swinging technique while you are walking. Try to do it for at least 1 of your walking miles. Do the remainder of the workout as the steps of day 5. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 1 hour

Day 7 - Walk 3.5 miles, jog three quarters of a mile. Once again, start off jogging your quarter mile. Walk two more miles after that, then jog another quarter mile. Walk another mile then jog the final quarter mile and cool down with a half mile walk. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 1 hour 5 minutes. Side note: I say to do cool down walks because you don't need to go directly to the easy chair or couch or car seat right after jogging. Your heart needs time to adjust back to normal rate. Stopping suddenly could cause your blood pressure to drop quickly. So make sure you cool down for at least five to ten minutes.

Day 8 - Walk 3.5 miles, jog three quarters of a mile. Do everything the same as you did on day 7, except now we want to pick up your walking speed if you haven't already. You should now be getting into better shape and rhythm of the workout. You always want to improve on what you did the previous day, so if you were averaging 15 minutes per mile, try cutting 1 minute off of that. This will reduce the time of your workouts and also increase your normal heart rate. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 1 hour

Day 9 - Walk 3.5 miles, jog three quarters of a mile. Today we are going to start out jogging. This time you need to jog at least a quarter but try to jog closer to half a mile. By this time if you have followed the previous steps you should be able to get close to that. If you aren't able to do that just jog as long as you can without wearing yourself out. Walk 3 miles then run the remainder of the three quarter miles you didn't do to start off then cool down with a half mile walk. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 1 hour

Day 10 - Everybody needs a day off right? No! I thought so when I started but willed myself to workout every single day. Today you want to do the same as day 9. Exact same. So it's kind of like a day off. it's the only day that you haven't added something to the workout. You can choose to add more, but that is totally up to you. If you have made it up to this point you will most likely add something to the workout because you know you can accomplish it. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 1 hour

Day 11 - Walk 3 miles, jog 1 mile. Today is the biggest turning point because now you can say you ran a mile. Start your workout jogging half a mile or as close to that as you can. Walk 2 miles then try to jog the remainder of the mile that you have left. If you weren't able to knock off the remainder of the mile walk 1 more miles then finish off your jogging. Cool down with at least a quarter mile walk in this case. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 1 hour 5 minutes

Day 12 - Walk 3 miles, jog 1.5 miles. You will start making the workout from here on out. Start off jogging as long as you can without wearing out. Try to knock of three quarters of a mile. In any case you should be able to jog three sets of a half mile at a time by now. Space it out by at least jogging half a mile walking a mile jogging another half mile, walking another mile, jogging the last half mile and walking a last cool down mile. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 1 hour 10 minutes

Day 13 - Walk 2 miles, Jog 2 miles. Start off jogging. We want to be jogging three quarters of a mile starting out. If you are not able to go three quarters of a mile just yet then just jog half of a mile. Jog a half mile or three quarters of a mile then walk half a mile. Jog another half mile and repeat this process until you have finished the workout. It goes: Jog .75 or .5 walk .5 jog .75 or .5 walk .5 jog .5 walk .5 jog .5 (only if you didn't jog the (2) three quarter mile intervals first) walk .5. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 45-50 minutes

Day 14 - Same thing as day 14 except today you need to you need to gut out that first three quarters of a mile jogging. Other than that follow the same technique only having to jog .25 miles on your last rep. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 45-50 minutes

Day 15 - Walk 2 miles, jog 2.5 miles. Start off jogging three quarters of a mile. Walk half a mile. Try to jog another three quarters of a mile. You should be able to do this easily by now. Walk half a mile then jog half a mile and repeat last step to finish out. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 50-55 minutes

Day 16 - Walk 2 miles, jog 2.75 miles. Start out running 1 mile. This should be easy to do as your lungs have expanded by now. After that, walk half a mile then jog three quarters of a mile. Walk half a mile then jog half a mile then walk another half mile. Jog your last half mile and cool down with a half mile walk. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 55 minutes

Day 17 - Walk 2 miles, jog 3 miles. Start out running 1 mile. After that walk a mile then jog another mile. Walk a half mile then jog half and repeat. You don't have a specified cool down today, but that doesn't mean to immediately sit down. If you want to walk another half mile, do so, but you can simply do knee lifts for a couple minutes or walk back and forth or anything that keeps you on your feet until you stop breathing heavily. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 1 hour

Day 18 - Walk 2.5 miles, jog 3 miles. Start off jogging a mile. Walk for a mile then jog another mile and repeat. After the last mile you will need to cool down with a half mile walk. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 1 hour

Day 19 - Walk 2 miles, jog 3 miles. Start of jogging and try to jog 1.5 miles. If you are able to do that, walk a mile and repeat. If you are not able to do that yet, Jog 1.25 miles walk .5 jog 1.25 walk 1 mile jog .5 walk .5. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 1 hour

Day 20 - Walk 2 miles, jog 3. Today we want to make sure we jog 2 sets of 1.5 miles. So basically the same steps as day 19, but try to do the two sets of 1.5 mile jogs instead of the alternative. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 1 hour

Day 21 - Walk 1 mile, jog 3.5 miles. If you were able to do day 20 then you should be able to do this easily. Start out jogging 1.75 miles then walk half a mile and repeat. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 50 minutes. As you can see, we are cutting down the time our workout consumes. It's always nice to have a shorter workout and this is possible if you can perform at higher levels.

Day 22 - Walk 1 mile, jog 3.5 miles. Start off jogging 2 miles. Walk half a mile. Jog 1.5 miles and walk the remainder of the mile. I don't suggest alternative intervals because you need to be able to maintain a steady rate for the remaining 8 days. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 50 minutes

Day 23 - Walk 1 mile, jog 4 miles. Today you will be jogging 2 sets of 2 miles with half mile walking intervals. I know it doesn't seem like you should be able to do this in just 23 days time, but you can if you have been following the workout, I guarantee it. Your body should be used to the strain and your muscles will be built up quite well to withstand it. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 50-55 minutes

Day 24 - Walk 1 mile, jog 4 miles. Today you want to jog for as long as possible. We want to aim for 2.5 miles. If you are able to gut that out, walk half a mile, jog the remainder and cool off with a half mile walk. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 50-55 minutes

Day 25 - Walk 1 mile, jog 4.5 miles. Start off jogging 2.5 miles. After that walk half a mile then jog another 2 miles. Cool down with a half mile walk. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 50-55 minutes. You may be asking yourself why I have the same estimates for the previous day. As you progress, day by day, you will start jogging at faster speeds without realizing you are doing it. This results in you trimming your workout length.

Day 26 - Walk 1 mile, jog 4.5 miles. By today you should be able to jog 2.5 - 2.75 miles. We want to jog closer to 2.75 miles to start the workout. Walk half a mile then jog the remainder and cool down with a half mile walk. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 50 minutes

Day 27 - Walk 1 mile, jog 5 miles. Today we will do two sets of jogging 2.5 miles and walking .5 miles. As always start off jogging and cool off at the end with a half mile walk. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 55 minutes

Day 28 - Walk 1 mile, jog 5 miles. By now you should be able to jog 3 miles without stopping. Start off jogging those 3 miles than walk a half mile. Jog the remainder and do your cool down walk. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 50 minutes

Day 29 - Walk 1 mile, jog 5 miles. Today we want to jog 3.5 miles without stopping. Then walk half of a mile and jog the remainder of the 5 miles, ending with a half mile cool down. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 50 minutes

Day 30 - Walk half a mile, jog 4 miles. Today will probably be the hardest because your body isn't as used to this big of a jump because you have jumped 1 mile jogging distance, without stopping, over a 2 day span. However, this is a key step because after it passes, you will be able to do it the next day. Jog 4 full miles without stopping and cool down with a half mile walk. Estimated elapsed time of workout: 45 minutes

Results to expect

I know it may look hard, but I guarantee this is the easiest way you can lose 30 lbs in 30 days without paying a single dime.

The increment levels are easy to manage and after day 30 it's all up to you. By that time you should be at the weight you are satisfied with or well on your way to it. It is quite possible to lose more than 30 lbs by doing this workout. I lost 40 lbs the first month. The other 35 came within 2 months time, only because I tapered off my workout with only running 5 miles a day. I'm not sure how much more one could lose if they were to increase the workout routine each day. I had reached my weight loss goal so I stopped increasing it.

After you get to your desired weight, feel free to trim the workout down to only 3 or 4 days a week. The reason for no off days during this 30 day span is to keep your body burning calories. Your body will be freaking out, telling itself that it has to use your stored body fat to produce energy. You will even be burning calories when you are watching tv because your body will continue to burn calories to preserve energy for the rest of the day. I completely transformed my body by doing this. I changed so much that people didn't recognize me.

What to do after 30 days

As previously stated, what you do after day 30 is solely on your shoulders. I did, in fact, change my eating habits because I figured eating healthier would only help me stay in shape and lessen the amount of time I needed to work out. I won't go off the deep end and say I stopped eating hamburgers and pizza all together, but I did start adding more vegetables and white meats to my diet.

You can choose to keep doing this routine and add to it. I'm sure you will continually improve your level of fitness. However, since you are in magnificent shape now, you can also go above and beyond if you want to get a nice set of six pack abs and toned muscles.


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    • profile image

      nevergiveuponu 5 years ago

      Also!! Drink tons of ice water!!

    • profile image

      nevergiveuponu 5 years ago

      Wow! This is tough but I push through! I also am on a liquid diet of atkins vanilla shake the a.m. and Naked green juice for lunch. Blueberry &strawberry smoothie for dinner. I also do situps and lift weights to sculpt my arms. So far I'm on day 5 and lost 7 pounds!! DO THIS AND DONT GIVE UP! pain in your muscles is temporary and you need to push. If you have to only walk, then walk as fast as you can. Believe in yourself! Patience friends. and perseverance will get you to your goal! :)

    • profile image

      Tgirl 5 years ago

      Hi I was wondering when I will start seeing results.what day did you start noticing changes

    • profile image

      Blee 5 years ago

      Hi, I'm over weight and began to use the treadmill in April-'12. In the beginning it was extremely difficult even to walk but I pushed. Then I increased the incline to 5 inches walking at 3.0 mph for 40 mins. A few days after that I began jogging ten seconds at a time because of my bad knees. It was very difficult and I wanted to quit because it felt that it was too much on my body. Now I'm able to jog at 5.0 for a mile and a half without stopping. When I need to walk I do so at 3.5 at an 8 or 10 inch incline. I feel great a very motivated my clothes have started to feel lose and even jeans that I couldn't fit into anymore finally do. I am however very dissapointed because the scale only says I've lost 8 lbs since April!!! My husband says not to quit and in my case I should judge it by the way my clothes are fitting. But the weight issue nags at me... My food intake is about the same as before execept I'm eating half of the portion instead of the over size portion i use to eat. drinking a lot of water too. I don't want to quit because the scale discourages me... What can I do?

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      do you have to do the whole 1 hour at the time or can you break it up into two 30 minute times in the same day?

    • profile image

      ana 5 years ago

      Thnks... Hope it works for me

    • profile image

      Melissa 5 years ago

      BeccaS90- I am on day 8 and haven't weighed myself yet. How much have you lost so far up to Day 10 if you don't mind me asking?

    • beccas90 profile image

      beccas90 5 years ago from New York

      I was with you up to day 10 but then you started me running way further than I care with my legs. Maybe I'll just repeat first ten days 3 times and not lose as much. Well thought out hub with detail though. Great stuff.

    • profile image

      gwen kessler 5 years ago

      Excellent! I started and have seen results and feel great. A sense of accomplishment everyday is a great way to start my day. One question.....What about day 8?

    • profile image

      nick 5 years ago

      it all starts now!!!wish me luck, will let you know the outcome 2/1/12

    • greatstuff profile image

      Mazlan 5 years ago from Malaysia

      Great info and tips..need a lot of motivation esp for 1st timer to follow the program. Best way to stick to the program is to get a buddy to join in

    • bangingbeauty profile image

      bangingbeauty 5 years ago

      Great article. Congrats on your weight loss and keep it up!

    • profile image

      christy 6 years ago

      I'm defently going to try this starting now today.

    • heart4theword profile image

      heart4theword 6 years ago from hub

      This does seem like hard work! Did like how you try to ease us into jogging...yet not sure my body and knees could handle this. Stairs might be a better option for me? In my younger days, I would of loved this:) Do have to say, we have tried the PX90 and the Tae Bo videos...I agree with you, they are insane! Those videos seemed to work people into the ground. (I am surprised there wasn't more of a disclaimer when they first came out.) Would love the benefits without so much hard work, yet no pay! Great Hub, menu is a nice touch.

    • The Donkey profile image

      The Donkey 6 years ago from Little Rock, Arkansas

      Not bad! Dedication right there.

    • Betty Johansen profile image

      Betty Johansen 6 years ago

      I'm going to try this as soon as I have an hour a day to spend on it. Thanks!

    • Momma Mia profile image

      Momma Mia 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Great article and the writer appears to be as interesting as well! Kudo's to ya!



    • sherrylou57 profile image

      sherrylou57 6 years ago from Riverside

      Thank you for choosing me on hubpages, I need to get back doing my yoga, nice hub.

    • quuenieproac profile image

      quuenieproac 6 years ago from Malaysia

      Wow what an achievement on losing weight! Seems difficult for me. You will be a model for many. Congrats on an informative, good programme. Best regards.

    • Lene Lynn profile image

      Lene' Lynn St. John 6 years ago from Glendale, AZ

      HI, thanks for choosing to follow me on HubPages! That is awesome! I am proud of you for losing weight but I have lost 16 pounds myself in 24 days! I work out on the Wii Fit System for 15 minutes a day (sometimes two 15 minute sessions) and I eat really healthy stuff and that's how I lost the 16 pounds so far...I have found that losing lots of weight quickly doesn't help me keep it off, but if it's working for you, that's awesome!

      Thanks for sharing your tips and meal plan.

    • Webskitzo profile image

      Webskitzo 6 years ago from Kelowna, BC

      Dude, I really like this Hub. Love how much detail and time you put into this! I need to shed about ten pounds and im stuck on a going to give this a whirl and see how she goes =p