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How to Lose Weight Quicker by Optimizing your Workouts

Updated on March 22, 2011

We all want to feel good in our bodies yet even further in the clothes we wear. By getting the most out of each and every workout you do will help you lose weight quicker. Whether you work out at home or are a member at a gym you can always do better. Continuous improvement also applies to how you work out too and not just how long you worked out for. Here are a few weight loss tips to get you focused and into the shape you want quicker.

Taking Long Breaks

These are the people who occupy the only incline-bench in the gym--has is flat while there are free flat benches available--and is taking an eight minute zone-out looking into the ceiling. A perfect example of wasting your time and not achieve your weight loss goals.

The best possible break-time for muscle hypertrophy, would be from 60 seconds to 4 minutes between sets. Researchers say that 2 minute breaks for hypertrophy and strength, while only 1 minute or less for endurance related workouts. The shorter your breaks, the more it becomes similar to cardiovascular exercises. Try to aim at one minute breaks.

Doing Too Many Reps

 More work equals more muscle, right? Only in weight sizes, not in amount of reps done. Doing more than 15 reps on any exercise is will become endurance training. You're better off just doing a 4th or 5th set. Varying your workout will also help your weight loss as that segues into the next tip

Doing the exact work out for over a year or simply not sweating

In order to lose weight you need to change your routine so that your body does not get use to the same cardiovascular or weights sets. The significance of failing while doing your exercises weights is important. You have to push yourself to fail to see gains.

Don't go to the gym, do your exercises, and leave without even sweating. If you're not sweating even in a cold gym your not pushing yourself hard enough to achieve any weight loss.

Doing low intensity cardio for long periods of time with expectations of huge weight loss

Cardio will always be useful, but if you're only concentrating on slow twitching muscles (walking for 40 minutes), or only fast twitching muscles (running for 20 minutes), you will not burn as many calories as compared to doing HIIT (15 minutes of sprinting and walking/slow-jogging). HIIT is known as High Intensity Interval Training and the best way to burn way more fat and calories per workout than LI training.

Doing 100-300 ab crunches per day

First, doing one type of crunches won’t work out all 8 segments of your abs. Secondly, abs are made in the kitchen- not the gym-with really low body fat percentage.

Abs are not the thickest muscle, they will show through if you control your diet and do regular 3-4 sets of ab crunches. If you were to combine some twisting incline ab crunches or work outs for the obliques, you will definitely start seeing them, eventually. But you gotta be below 10% body fat. Try not to focus on doing just one exercise for longer then 15 minutes, vary your workout to speed up your weight loss

Doing only cardio with no weight training, expecting huge fat loss.

 Doing only one workout whether it’s running or the stair climber is good but it is not the best way to lose weight. Weight training is a necessity. This will add the variety your body will need to further speed up your weight loss progress

Chatting, giving advice and talking nonsense

It's perfectly fine to talk with a couple people to get to know them. It's perfectly fine to ask advice from people about a particular exercise when they’re done with their sets. What's not fine is when you have taken so much time to talk to people, you have stopped sweating. Try to keep these conversations to the end of your workout. You’re there to get better and you should stay focused in order to get the most of your time and money which in turn will lead to the results you want.  

So the key really is mixing things up keeping your body guessing and staying focused while at the gym. All of these tips will help you lose weight quicker and have you feeling great about yourself again!


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    • Admiral_Joraxx profile image

      Admiral_Joraxx 6 years ago from Philippines

      I definitely learn something new from this hub. Thanks for this healthy and body shaping guidelines. =)