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Easy And Efficient Ways to Lose Weight

Updated on May 9, 2015
Lose Weight
Lose Weight

We, humans, are the creatures of habit. Neh, more like, we are slaves of habits. Habits, good or bad, are difficult to change (If you don't know how to).

You won't give up eating delicious high calorie foods overnight. It's not possible. Well, except in few rare circumstances when people's lives are suddenly changed due to some big life event, but we can't really wait till it happens. Right?

I am not going to tell you to quit your habits; rather, I am going to suggest you some simple but incredibility effective methods that will help you lose weight.

All you have to do is gather enough willpower to try these steps and not quit too soon.

I assume you have made up your mind that you are going to lose weight this time (I know you have done this before).



Get a notebook.


...wait for it...

write down your goals.

I know you have heard this before, but it's important. Don't skip this step. It's probably the most important thing you'll do in your beach body journey.

Write your target weight, fitness level, body-fat ratio and all that sort of stuff.

(TRY to be realistic and optimistic at the same time)

You Ready??

Now comes the fun part. Well, it's about to, in a few paragraphs. But first ask yourself these questions.

And be honest. You are all by YOURSELF there.

I know this sounds like it came from some lame self help guide, but bear with it. This is important stuff.

1. Am I ready to commit?

Are you ready to commit, or are you not the guy/girl for commitment. If you were to spend all this time reading my long but awesome post, only to give up in a few days and then forget all about it. It would be my failure as an adviser.

2. Why am I doing this?

Why do you want to lose weight. To impress someone? Get a six pack? Always wanted to but something triggered the effort?

Whatever the reason, write it down.

And write down what happens if you don't lose weight. (!-- IMPORTANT--)


3. Possible obstacles in the mission

Never underestimate the 'demon you.' (Not religious!)

Repeat after me:

I won't underestimate the 'demon me'.

Some force, invisible, scary and powerful is responsible for most of your misery. And the worst part is that it's a part of you!

It's in you.

Who are you gonna blame now?

While the 'angel you' makes all the good choices, like making an effort to read this and lose some weight, the demon you tries to make you make wrong decisions.

The demon you, or whatever you'd like to call it, will try to make you give up every chance it gets. Every obstacle you face, it will pop up (Like in the cartoons) and try to convince you that giving up would be way easier than to solve the problem.

It's like: "Come on, Dude, this sucks! What are do doing man? This fitness thing is not for you. Let's do something that's easier and more comfortable to do. Like watch TV and eat pizza. Let's go!"

And you are like: "I know, right? You are right, BRO! Who am I kidding? This probably doesn't even work."

Enough talking,

Try these tips.

I will keep updating them.

Walk 20 minutes a day

#My friend, Aakash, lost a few pounds when he started going for a jog every evening. Even though he didn't run much (I went jogging with him I know) but it worked. Later he quit and gained weight again. Every time I suggest him to try dieting, he tells me he doesn't need to. That he could, if he wanted, lose weight easily if he started jogging again. When I ask him why he doesn't, he says he will.

And...I am waiting.

Research shows that even a little increase in daily activity can trigger considerable weight loss. So, squeeze out 20, or at least 10, minutes from your time and go for a quick stroll.

If, for some reason, going for a walk is not possible, try jump rope. In fact, it's even better. Even 10 minutes of jump rope is great compared to getting no exercise at all.

And if you are really serious about this, do small sessions of jump rope throughout the day. Whenever you get a few minutes free, go skipping.

Don't be hungry

Salads contain a lot fewer calories than any of your favorite snack. Still, they will sustain your hunger. There are plenty of tasty salad recipes out there. Pick one and replace your snacks with it.

It's probably going to be difficult for you to do this at first, but if you bear with it for a few days, you'll get used to it. And the result you will see on the weighing scale will be far more satisfying that feeding your cravings for McDonald's.

Eat fruits

Eat fruits. And eat them, don't drink them. Eat fruits with low calories that will make you full for you to eat anything else. You produce more saliva when you chew food than when you drink. This results in better digestion.

Juices won't do that. So, solid chewable foods it is.

Also, fruits will keep you healthy.

Healthy is cool.

Reduce the size of your utensils

Larger utensils = You cook more, eat more, serve more and even waste more. So, get smaller utensils, plates, etc., if you can.

And, by the way, you might have heard of a saying, taste is bettering than wasting or something, it may be, but it doesn't apply to someone trying to lose fat.

Keep a fruit bowl

Research says that people that keep a fruit bowl at their place weigh 8 pounds less on average than people that don't. 8 pounds!

Get an attractive bowl and fill it will delicious looking fruits.


All of the methods provided above are very easy to follow. So do that.

If you do them daily for a month or two, they will turn into habits, replacing the old unhealthy ones. And, meanwhile, you'll lose a lot of weight, which will, in turn, encourage you even more.

Good luck.

© 2014 Dattaraj


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    • pvmtoilet profile image

      Zygimantas Drukteinis 

      5 years ago from Ylakiai

      Great article ! :)


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