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How to Lose Weight by Snacking

Updated on April 16, 2011

A lot of people often misunderstand about eating snacks. They think that snacks are not very good for yourself when you’re overweight and that eating it might make you gain extra weight. But the thing is, if you eat the right snacks at the right time and at the right amount, it can definitely help you to lose some weight effortlessly.

Here’s how it works. When the sugar level in your blood is stable, your body will function at its best but if you stay empty without eating food for a long time, your sugar level in your blood will decrease and make you hungry more. This is very risky when you seek unhealthy snacks such as ice cream, donuts, cookies, candies etc. If you realize that you’re actually like that, you can prepare yourself beforehand and have healthy snacks near you which won't destroy your weight loss efforts.

Here are some suggestions when you snack:

  • Watch your portions. Eat just enough to keep you going until the next meal.
  • Choose low fat snacks. For example baked chips instead of regular potato crisps.
  • Prepare healthy snacks in advance. You can keep chopped fruit in the fridge ready to grab and go.
  • Keep a handy pack of healthy snacks with you, so you have healthy food on hand if you need it.
  • Substitute with healthy choices. For example frozen yoghurt for ice cream.

And here's some examples:

  • Cereals:
    Choose rich fiber cereals and put it into your ziplock bags.
  • Fruits:
    There’s no better and healthier snacks than fruits like the old saying “one apple a day keeps the doctor away”
  • Dried Fruits:
    They’re also good snacks apart from fresh fruits and it also can will not spoil easily.
  • Soy crisps:
    It’s better than potato chips!
  • Snack bars:
    Stock up on snack bars which are low in calories and sugar, but high in fiber.
  • Yoghurt:
    This one is low in calories and better than ice cream.
  • Cheese:
    Here we prefer the pre-packaged string cheese variety. They are perfectly handy and the taste will make you feel as if you are having a wine-and-cheese night – minus the wine.
  • Instant Oatmeal:
    All you need is some hot water and you have a bowl of snack which is rich in fiber high fiber foods.
  • Snack Bars:
    Granola bars and whole grain snack bars are a perfectly healthy and instant snack option. Stock up on snack bars which are low in calories and sugar, but high in fiber.
  • Sandwiches Made with Whole Wheat Bread:
     If you’re looking for something more than a snack bar, prepare a sandwich or two for yourself with a thin layer of your favorite spread – and make sure to use whole wheat bread for that extra dose of fiber.

If you follow these carefully, you will definitely lose weight but if you let yourself to be starving, you will eat much more and eat something with much fat and finally you will regret it later. By snacking properly, you will avoid the danger of ruining weight loss efforts and will reach your goals very soon.


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