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How to Lose Weight in a Week

Updated on August 7, 2017
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If you want to lose weight in just one week without the side effects of slimming pills; then you are on the right place. But before you start looking for the ways to quickly shed those pounds, make sure to check your BMI with the BMI calculator available on the internet. If your BMI is in the above normal range then you are all set to go, but if it falls in the normal or below normal range; then do not opt for weight loss plans. Otherwise you will end up more miserable with vitamin deficiencies, pale and dull skin and weakened immune system. Instead go for healthy non oily food options and light to moderate exercise if you have a normal BMI.

That said, if you are obese for sure and want to become healthy and slim; we have got some legitimate and sure fire ways for you to lose those extra pounds quickly.

  1. 1. Cut off the consumption of other drinks

Fizzy drinks, Juices, energy drinks and Beer, all of these contain approximately 100 calories for each serving. This means you are getting those extra calories without even trying to eat. Other drinks contain sodium or carbohydrates which cause your body to retain water and puff you out.

So instead of opting for any of these drinks, go for water. It will flush out the toxins and excess water weight. If water sounds too boring try it with lemon wedges or try green tea without sugar.

  1. 2. Replace refined carbohydrates with vegetables

Simple Carbohydrates in foods like rice, spaghetti, bread and chips are digested fairly quickly and make you hungry earlier. Instead try eating foods with high fiber content and less carbohydrates such as whole grain wheat bread, zucchini spaghetti, cauliflower rice, apples and banana. These foods will keep you full all day and even if you eat them frequently throughout the day; they won’t make you gain weight.

  1. 3. Go for a 30 minute cardio workout a day

You can try spinning, cardio kick-boxing or boot camp workouts for half an hour each day. Each will help you burn 200 to 300 calories while toning up your body to make it appear firm and tight.

  1. 4. Combine pushups, squats and sit-ups

Do 3 sets, 12 times of each exercise every other day. This will target the fat in each part of the body, making it firm and tightening the muscles.

All these tips will help you shed a hefty amount of fat in just one week but be sure to be consistent and do not over indulge yourself in snacks and sweets even after the week ends.

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