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How to Lose Weight with Easy Lifestyle Changes

Updated on April 1, 2011

Change your lifestyle, change your life.

Lose weight and get in shape easily with an attitude change in lifestyle.
Lose weight and get in shape easily with an attitude change in lifestyle.

Simple doesn’t always mean easy: eat less, exercise more equals weight loss. Easy. Not so simple.

However, there ARE a few easy things you CAN change about your lifestyle that will drop at least five, maybe ten pounds off you without radically changing your life and your schedule.

You really CAN lose weight if you follow these easy lifestyle changes.

First: stop saying to everyone around you: “Can you get that for me?”

It’s a habit we all fall into. Something – anything – is nearby someone else around us, whether it’s a pitcher, a screwdriver, a piece of paper we’ve been hunting down, and it’s natural for us to politely ask it to be passed over.

Stop. Get up, walk around, even if it’s only a few feet away, and get it yourself.

Not only will you be amazed at the way those few feet at a time add up – the same way calories do – but you will be amazed at the way people find you immensely less annoying.

Second: Lose your remote control.

Okay, yes, some DVD players require a remote in order to work at all. In that case? Store it in another room, so that you are FORCED to fetch it every time you want to sit and watch a movie.

The result? Not only will you NOT be channel-surfing, and therefore more likely to be sitting for long periods, idly watching television – but if you DO want to change the channel, you will HAVE to get up, walk to the tube, and switch it yourself.

More exercise. More calories burned.

Less television in your life. This is more important than you might suppose, because one clinical study proved that sitting in an empty room, doing absolutely nothing, burns more calories than sitting, watching television does.

Why? Because watching television puts you into a passive state, lowering your metabolism.

Third: If you’re the type who likes to keep a very clean and tidy house? Start doing things the old-fashioned way. Lose the mop, and scrub the floor on your hands and knees, the way our grandmothers did. Ever see a fat 1950s housewife? Nope. Modern conveniences are – well – convenient – but why not lose them, and be more efficient? If you were planning to spend the time at the gym anyway, why not work your abs and get your floor spanking clean at the same time?

It’s amazing how you can work extra steps, extra motion, into your lifestyle with just a few changes. Like parking at the easiest, but not closest, spot at whatever destination. Once you change your mind?

Your body will follow.


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