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How to Lose Weight with Japanese Diet

Updated on July 12, 2020
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Esrom Aritonang enjoys reading and sharing funny, inspirational, and thought-provoking quotes.

Why Japanese people have slimming and healthy body? For thousands years, Japanese people have diet culture to lose weight. Japan is the lowest country with obesity and has higher life expectation than western countries. Japanese girl generally has ideal body weight and sexy. What is the secret of Japanese losing weight?

Japanese lady with Kimono
Japanese lady with Kimono

The first secret is people in Japan just eat less than American and Western. Japanese people have philosophy to respect food. They also more healthy because did not consume meat a lot, but more fish or sea foods. Japanese people also soybean lovers where most of food has ingredient with soybean.

How about vegetables? Of course, Japanese people are fanatic with vegetables. There are many vegetables menu when they have meal. The conclusion how to lose weight with Japanese diet is you need to consume high fiber foods, low fat but high protein like fish, and love to walk. Student and employee walks from train station to campus and office every day in Japan.

Eat Less and Properly

Japanese people did not like junk foods. Japanese people loves organic food. Why organic food? Organic less fat and sugar. That is the reason why Organic Food Make You Slim and Healthy. They consume calories 25 percent less than American and western people. If American loves jumbo size food, in other side, Japanese people love small size. Table manner in Japan is food put in different small plates and eats it bit by bit. As the result, even though they eat less, but satisfied and full. Healthy Japanese diet will reduced your weight fast and increase your immune body system.

Greedy with Fish

Japanese people are greedy with fish. They are only 2 percent of world population but they consume 10 percent of fish in the world. Fish is low fat and rich with Omega-3 fatty acid which protected your life from coronary artery disease. Japanese people did not like meat which contains saturated fat. So start eating more fish and lose your weight; and in other side, stop meat barbeque with dozens of beer.

Japanese Girl with Yukata dress
Japanese Girl with Yukata dress

Soybean Ingredient

Most of Japanese food diet contains soybean ingredient. Soybean is rich with fiber, protein, and flavonoids substance which attacking breast cancer, prostate, and coronary artery disease. Most of Asian countries have food from soybean like tofu and some like ketchup. Red bean also other Japanese favorites bean which mix with yummy Japanese ice cream.

Vegetables lovers

As it told above, Japanese people are vegetables lovers. They eat many kind of vegetables while have meal. Vegetables are high fiber food which is the best for your digestion. Vegetables are best for skin beauty care and for lose weight. This is the secret diet of Japanese girl why they have slim sexy body and smooth skin. Eat fruit and vegetables are Japanese diet for your beauty care. Do you want to know How to Diet and Lose Weight Fast like Japanese Girl?

Walking Habit

Walking from train station to home and office is general culture in Japan. Walking made them healthy and loses weight fast. Walking everyday resulted ideal body weight and good body shape. Routine exercise is other side of diet key success. Without good exercise, you will not have ideal weight. You want to look sexy like Japanese girls? Let’s do walking every day.


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    • Little Grandmommy profile image


      7 years ago from Small Town Tennessee

      Thank you for the good read and the good information. Doesn't seem as harsh as other dieting methods. Thumbs up!

    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 

      9 years ago from Germany and Philippines

      Great hub. Japanese people really eats a lot of fish and vegetables and it is healthy. Thanks for sharing.


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