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How to Lose Weight with Raspberry Ketones

Updated on February 14, 2014
Raspberry ketones occur naturally.
Raspberry ketones occur naturally.

Raspberry Ketones and Weight Loss

What’s with all the excitement about raspberry ketones? Like many, the first time I heard about the wondrous ability of raspberry ketones to help facilitate weight loss, I was skeptical. I know there are supplements and natural ingredients out there that do help with weight loss, like Moringa, which I write about in "How to Lose Weight with Moringa," but I brushed off raspberry ketones as another superficial remedy.

I was wrong to do that. I revisited and researched the science behind the success of raspberry ketones after Dr. Oz endorsed them on his television show. It’s not every day that a public healthcare professional endorses a supplement. Dr. Oz did, and that’s what got me interested.

What follows is the culmination of weeks of research and experimentation of raspberry ketones myself. I’ve tried to break down the information into easy-to-understand categories, so you can quickly pinpoint what research has been done, how raspberry ketones is thought to work, what type of side effects are possible, and what you can expect if you start taking the supplement. I’m also including my diet regime and how I use raspberry ketones to help me lose weight.

Raspberry Ketones: What Are They, Anyway?

Raspberry ketones are aromatic compounds, extracted from the fruit of red raspberries, blackberries and, to a smaller degree, red cranberries. While this substance occurs naturally, what you get if you purchase raspberry ketone supplements is a synthetic version, that is chemically identical to the natural one. So, while the idea comes from nature, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the supplements you’re taking are completely natural.

Before supplement manufacturers started marketing raspberry ketones for weight loss, these compounds were widely used to add fragrance to cosmetics and to foods. The FDA considers raspberry ketones to be safe for consumption as a flavor component.

A Weightlifter's Review of Raspberry Ketones

Do Raspberry Ketones Help with Weight Loss?

Some skeptics are quick to point out that raspberry ketones are not proven in clinical tests to facilitate weight loss in humans. The key word there is “humans,” because in tests on rats, raspberry ketones has a very good track record of increasing fat metabolism.

In a 2005 study, conducted by the Ehime University School of Medicine in Japan, rats were fed a high fat diet and given raspberry ketones at the same time. Not only did the rats not gain weight, they lost weight, despite their high fat diets.

The study concluded that raspberry ketones increase fat metabolism, and might also help protect against fatty liver. The ketones are thought to alter lipid metabolism, which prevented the rats from storing fat.

Theoretically, this should also work in humans, and, I have to say, that it appears to be working for me, plus others who are using the supplement offer anecdotal evidence that it’s working for them as well.

How to Take Raspberry Ketones

If in doubt, always follow the manufacturer’s dosage recommendations – or a medical professional’s directions. I started with a low 100mg dose of raspberry ketones per day for one week and saw no results. But – that was the recommended dosage on the bottle. Back I went to Google and PubMed to find more medical advice. It was very important to me to increase the dosage of raspberry ketones gradually, although some folks were taking pretty high doses.

I tend to err on the side of caution – and that tendency has served me well over the years. After assuring myself that I wasn’t risking an overdose, I gradually increased my dosage to 500mg, twice a day. I’ve had no side effects whatsoever, except for a few raspberry-tasting belches about 10 minutes after I take a dose. It’s quite an interesting belch, actually, and if you experience it – be sure to let me know in the Comments Section below.

Although my first few bottles of raspberry ketones said to take the supplements with a meal, I interviewed other raspberry ketone adherents and many of them said they like to take the supplement about half an hour before a meal. I decided to try that and I agree – taking the supplement before a meal seems to be of the best benefit for me. I keep a bottle with me in my car and when I eat out with friends, I take 500mg (one capsule) as soon as the waitress brings us water and that seems to work well. At home or at the office, I set my alarm on my watch to notify me 30 minutes before mealtimes.

What is Your Experience with Raspberry Ketones?

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My Personal Results and Observations

No review of a supplement is complete without the reviewer (that’s me) giving his own personal experience with the supplement. When I started taking raspberry ketones, I weighed 195 lbs. I’m 6-feet 1-inch tall, so that’s not too terribly overweight, but I like to stay trim and buff. As I mentioned before, the first couple of weeks when I took the low, 100mg-per day dose, I saw no weight loss. Also, I did not change my eating habits. I don’t eat a lot of junk food, but I tend to eat a lot because I love to eat.

As I gradually increased my daily dosage to 500mg, twice a day, I lost four pounds the first week and three pounds each the next two weeks. On the fourth week, I lost six pounds, but I also quit eating my before-bed peanut butter and honey sandwich with a glass of milk, so that might have also helped. Weeks five and six, I lost five pounds and four pounds, respectively. Note, that the only eating change was giving up the pre-bed snack.

At that point, I was getting near my target, 165-pounds, which I find is pretty good for me so I reduced my dose to 500mg of raspberry ketones only once a day – 30 minutes before my evening meal. I’ve since reduced the dose further to one, 100mg capsule, 30-minutes before my evening meal – just for “maintenance”. I haven’t regained my lost weight, but with the warmer weather, I’ve been out and about more now, so that might also play a role.

Warnings and Considerations

My general belief is that if you don’t abuse something – it’s unlikely to abuse you. I’ve read tons of research and personal testimonials saying raspberry ketones will not produce side effects, but, let’s be smart here, folks – ANYTHING can produce side effects if you abuse it.

For me, taking 500mg, twice a day, is fine. That might be too much for you. Alternately, you might be able to take more without suffering any adverse effects.

I have to say that I feel better, more alert and healthier since I lost the extra pounds. It might be my imagination, but I think I have more energy when I’m taking the ketones, too.

It’s my opinion, that if you want to lose weight, raspberry ketones are a great supplement, but they aren’t a magic pill, well, Dr. Oz claims they are, but we all know that a good diet and daily exercise are also essential for our overall health.

I strongly encourage you to visit with your own doctor before starting any new diet. This is especially important if you are diabetic or have any other current medical conditions. Right now, I buy the capsules in a 120-day supply because I’ve found that I really like them and it saves me money that way. You might want to purchase it in a smaller amount at first to see if you like it.

I’m really interested in hearing your experiences and how you pattern your own raspberry ketone program. Together, we can use our experiences to help others determine the best dietary regime for them. Thanks for visiting and please come back and share your experiences.

Please share your raspberry ketone experience.

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    • profile image

      secrettt 3 years ago

      I've got it but I can't figure out his to use it do I open it up then pour it in water or just Suck on it?

      Thanks guys x

    • zaton profile image

      Zaton-Taran 4 years ago from California

      Great stuff. I though highly-enough of raspberry ketones that wrote a hub on this miracle supplement, too:

    • HowardBThiname profile image

      HowardBThiname 4 years ago from Midwest

      I wondered about that, too, Carol. I tried to keep my diet on an steady keel, but you know how it is when you're dieting - you think more about it and you probably alter your eating habits more than normal. So far, I'm enjoying this little supplement. This might sound gross, but if you've ever taken fish oil or Vitamin B supplements, they can create some pretty nasty belches. Not raspberry ketones. Belching is actual a little pleasant. Really. It's so strange.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 4 years ago from Arizona

      I am most impressed with your adventure with this product. Glad to see it does work and no side effects. And it is palatable. Though I don't have to lose weight I can see where this might be helpful to those who do. However it can encourage keeping the same eating patterns. Maybe you didn't eat as much??? ANyway voting up and pinning.

    • HowardBThiname profile image

      HowardBThiname 4 years ago from Midwest

      Thanks for your comment, Don. I think those who are new to the idea of taking raspberry ketones will benefit from hearing about others' positive experiences.

    • Don Bobbitt profile image

      Don Bobbitt 4 years ago from Ruskin Florida

      Good informative Hub.

      I take these also and have had no side affects.

      Voted UP