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How to Lose Weight without Difficult Diets

Updated on August 2, 2011
Lose Weight
Lose Weight | Source

So many of us add on pounds over the years and then become desperate to lose weight. Many turn to fad diets to produce the weight loss desired. There are lots of new diets in books and magazines every year. Although we can lose weight by dieting, we also are likely to lose muscle which lowers our metabolism. Here are a few ways to lose weight without struggling with difficult diets that can wind up doing us more harm than good.

Get Fit First

Instead of focusing entirely on the scale, take measurements of your body parts from calves and thighs to waist, chest and arms. Then focus on losing inches to lose weight. The best way to lose inches is by gradually losing fat while adding muscle. So commit to getting fit first because getting fit will add muscle, increase your metabolism, and help reshape your body.

Start a Walking Program

Aerobic fitness is systemic fitness that conditions your cardio-respiratory system, your lower body and your brain, too. Aerobic fitness burns calories and fat very efficiently; it should be the mainstay of your fitness program and will help you lose weight, too. The shape of your lower body should really improve if you walk five or more days a week.

Start a Strength Training Program

Condition your muscles, increase their strength and endurance, and even add some muscle through strength training. The added muscle will increase your metabolism and enable your body to lose weight by burning more calories at rest. Contact a certified personal trainer if necessary to guide you in putting together an effective and safe strength training program.

Lose Weight by Having More Fun

Increase your physical activity and fun by dancing and playing active games outdoors or indoors. Play Frisbee, bocce, badminton, tennis, golf, softball when you can. Your weight loss program should definitely include more fun.

Lose Weight by Making Wise Food Choices.

Most people do not get sufficient servings of whole grains, fruits, or vegetables, and low fat or nonfat dairy in their diets. These are wiser and more nutritious choices than refined grains, red meat, sugar-laden snacks and drinks, and fast foods.

See the latest edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Lose Weight by Eating Consciously

Through planning menus carefully, cooking smaller portions of more nutritious foods, serving smaller portions on smaller plates, and putting your fork down between bites you will develop more healthful habits and reduce consumption of junk calories. Don't even buy foods that are bad for you. If they're not in your house you can't eat them.

Safety Considerations

Because of the alarming number of weight loss products that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found to be contaminated, you shouldn't take any weight loss products unless they have been prescribed by your personal doctor.

Get approval from your doctor before undertaking any new fitness or weight loss program.


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