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How to Lower High Blood Pressure With Natural and Home Remedies

Updated on November 30, 2015

What is High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is a serious health condition that affects over 60 million adults in United States only. Hypertension is the result of elevated blood pressure in the arteries. This illness is also called "silent killer" because lots of times people don't suspect they have it. Sometimes you can find out that you have hypertension during routine doctor's visit. Some people find out about it the hard way - when they are admitted to the ER.

If your blood pressure is over 120/80, you may be at risk of developing hypertension. If you blood pressure is over 140/90, than you definitely need a treatment plan.

Symptoms of Hypertension

A lot of times, patients who have high blood pressure, show no symptoms or just few minor symptoms which can be easily confused with something else. Below are the few symptoms of hypertension that may be experienced when the blood pressure becomes very high:

  • Headaches that can become severe at times. Most of the times people with high blood pressure have the headaches in the back of their head
  • Blood spots in the eyes and blurry vision
  • Dizziness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Buzzing in the ears
  • Fatigue, confusion or anxiety
  • Irregular heartbeat or difficulty breathing
  • Vomiting

Change Your Lifestyle

There are very many reasons that may cause you to have high blood pressure. For the most part, as the health experts confirm, hypertension is the result of being overweight. Few other things can contribute to hypertension such as genes, stress, medications you are taking, sleeping disorders and much more.

Eating right, exercising at least three times a week, getting enough sleep, relaxing and controlling your emotions - all of these factors will contribute positively to your hypertension treatment plan. Worrying about money and relationships should be replaced with a positive distraction like a new hobby or a pet. Enjoying your life and being happy will help you lower your blood pressure at no time. Smoking and drinking alcohol should be on your "Not to do list".

Your blood pressure can be easily checked at home with the blood pressure monitor if you're experiencing any symptoms.

Foods to Help Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure

Lowering high blood pressure will not happen overnight. People who suffer from hypertension will need to make firm and permanent adjustments to their diet in order to maintain their blood pressure at a healthy level. If you suffer from hypertension, you should stay away from foods prepared in the fast food restaurants which are mostly nothing but saturated fat and salt. You should plant on preparing your meals at home at all times so that you and only you can control the amount of fat and salt you consume on daily basis. This is simply because saturated fat and salt are number one reasons for high blood pressure.

The diet of people suffering from hypertension should be well balanced and consist of lean meats and poultry, fish, shell fish, whole wheat bread and cereals, yogurt with active cultures, milk and low sodium milk products like cheese or cottage cheese. Beans, lentils and rice will also aid in lowing the high blood pressure. Nuts, dry fruits and berries will be very beneficial in maintaining healthy blood pressure.

For the most part, people who are overweight will sooner or later suffer from high blood pressure. Preparing your meals at home and consuming balanced diet will help you lower your weight and reduce the risk of the heart attack.

You should minimize your salt, alcohol and caffeine intake to achieve the best results in lowing your high blood pressure.

Fruits and Vegetables to Help Lower High Blood Pressure


Consuming few cloves of garlic daily will help to maintain healthy blood pressure. The researchers confirm that the compounds present in garlic help to lower cholesterol and widen the blood vessels. Adding garlic to your diet will improve the blood circulation and overall cardiovascular health.

Garlic can be easily added to your meals or taken in as a supplement.


Going hundreds of years back, beets have been always on the list of the foods that help reduce high blood pressure. Beets are a good source of betalains which are the red and yellow pigments present in the plants that help reduce the blood pressure and bring it to normal.

The most popular way of taking the advantage of the healing powers of this wonder vegetable is consuming the beet juice twice a day. This juice is sold in the most grocery stores or health stores. You may also make your own which will probably give you the most benefits. Beets can be also cooked or baked. You may find lots of recipes on how to prepare beets.


Grapes can help regulate the blood pressure. They contain the compound called resveratrol which is very effective when it comes to lowering the blood pressure. Consuming grapes or grape juice every day will help those who suffer from hypertension.


Watermelon is loaded with amino acids which improve blood circulation and lowers the systolic blood pressure. Consuming watermelon will help to open the arteries and release the tension associated with high blood pressure. Watermelon seeds are said to be a great remedy for hypertension.


Potatoes are very rich in calcium, magnesium and antioxidants. Red potatoes cooked with skin are found to be the most beneficial for treating the hypertension. Sweet potatoes, winter squash and carrots should be also included into the menu of those suffering from high blood pressure.

Fruits Rich in Potassium

Bananas, cantaloupe, melon, papaya, persimmon, kiwi, passion fruit, pomegranate, figs, peaches, cherries, oranges and any kind of berries are rich in potassium which will help lower the blood pressure.

Broccoli, Celery, Green Leafy Vegetables and Avocados

Are proven to be effective to lower the high blood pressure and help get rid of cholesterol.

Herbs For High Blood Pressure

Hawthorn Berry has been used for thousands of years as a very effective natural treatment for hypertension. Hawthorn berry helps to substantially improve the blood circulation and prevent the clot formation. It is sold as a herbal supplement, tea, whole dried berries, powder or liquid extract. You may choose the best option that works for you.

Cat's Claw is proven to be very helpful when it comes to lowering the high blood pressure. This herb has been also successfully used by our ancestors to treat any kind of blood and heart disorders. Cat's Claw is sold as a herbal supplement or a whole herb.

Hibiscus Flower is known around the world as a very potent cure for high blood pressure. Hibiscus is a powerful diuretic and it draws salt out of the blood. It also relaxes the blood vessels and decreases the blood pressure. Combined with honey, Hibiscus tea will make you feel better.

Cardamom is a traditional spice from India which has shown great results in treating hypertension. It can be used as seasoning or as tea. For the best results cardamom can be combined with ginger and honey when making a cup of tea. For one cup of water use one teaspoon of cardamom, half a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger and a teaspoon of honey.

Olive oil extract reduces cholesterol and helps to lower high blood pressure.

Few More Supplements for High Blood Pressure

Pycnogenol is number one recommended effective supplement as of today. Pycnogenol has shown to be a quickly acting remedy for dropping the blood pressure by few points.

Fish oil or cod liver oil will help with hypertension and overall heart health. Fish oil is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are great for lowing high blood pressure

Coenzyme-Q10 is a very powerful remedy for hypertension but it has to be taken for few months prior to seeing substantial improvement

Potassium can be taken as a supplement if you are not getting enough potassium in your diet

Other Tips on How to Lower High Blood Pressure

  • Drink plenty of water. For the best results, consume 8 oz. of coconut water every day. Coconut water is rich in potassium which helps to lower high blood pressure.
  • Get plenty of rest. Make sure to get at least 8 hours of good sleep a day.
  • Exercise regularly. The best type of exercise for people with hypertension is walking or you may try any kind of low impact exercise.
  • Avoid stress at all times.

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