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How to Maintain Beauty if You Are a Breast Cancer Survivor?

Updated on October 13, 2016

Many people believe that health problems initially start at an emotional level. Their theory is that the human body is highly intelligent and has a biological logic so that everything works according to a very specific program. Every medical condition starts for a reason; some of the triggers for breast cancer are emotions and beliefs. In fact, research shows that the probability of survival is higher in patients on who apply both psychotherapy and chemotherapy. Breast cancer patients shouldn’t fear going to psychotherapy, because, as psychotherapists say, you need to discover the cause of all your troubles, and to get a support.

To begin to heal from the disease, first free yourself of all the "mental toxins." "Cancer is a symbol, the largest of all diseases. It shows that something flowed wrong in a person's life, and it reminds us to go the other way”, said a woman who survived cancer.

Beating this terrible disease will be both stressful and exciting. It will be hard not to worry about cancer coming back. You need to return to some familiar things and to make some new choices. Ask yourself: what is the purpose of your illness, what did you get and what did you lose, do you want to live, and do you have enough love in your life? While looking for answers to these questions, you will take responsibility for yourself and your life. Support groups are very important because they will connect you with those who have similar problems, and you can exchange experiences and concerns.


For all women who have survived breast cancer, the key is diet and lifestyle changes. Try to avoid stress. There are a number of ways: exercise, massage, yoga, meditation, gardening, writing in a diary or creating short stories. Start again to love your body, even if you had a single or double mastectomy. Hair loss can be a shock at first, but look at it from a bright side: you will have an opportunity to change your hairstyle or to try a different hair color once your hair grows out.

When you’re free of cancer, you will have won one of the biggest battles of your life. Enjoy every moment and every new day. Try to spend a lot of time in the fresh air and in good company. Turn your back on all conflict situations, refuse to talk about sad subjects, let the past be behind you. And love yourself, that's the most important thing to maintain your inner and outer beauty.

We need all to get involved in the fight against breast cancer.

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