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Road to a Six Pack - Major Tips

Updated on March 13, 2015

Steps Towards Your Dream

If you are here, then you have ever thought about great abs. Possibly, you have tried to train them, but you did not succeed for some some reasons - maybe your workout routine was bad, maybe your food quality was not good enough or maybe you did not have enough determination. First two things can be corrected, the last one - determination and will - unfortunately, cannot. But the good thing is that if you are extremely motivated - you will reach your goal. The most important thing - do not stop in the halfway. OK, enough motivation. Let's analyze what you need to have that a nice six pack.

There are not many steps towards six-pack, but each of them is significant and you have to pay attention to each one. What is more, they depend on your body type - if you have recently increased your mass (bulking period) and/or want to lose weight, key for you is cardio. If you are slim, then you should gain some muscles and then do cutting (lose unnecessary fat). Nevertheless, nutrition is major thing despite of your goals and body type. Moreover, you should properly select exercises. All in all, basic steps towards your goal are:

  • Nutrition.
  • Losing weight or gaining muscles and losing unnecessary fat (depending on your body type).
  • Appropriate exercise selection.

Have you ever dreamed about a six-pack?

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No Quick Way!

Just before starting, I would like to say that there is no quick way for gaining nice six pack. There does not exist any miraculous pills, any miraculous exercises. It is impossible to have perfect abs in one week. It would be wonderful, wouldn't it? However, it is not true. All you have to do is work hard. And be patient.


This is the most important thing for making your muscles visible, especially abs. Your body fat should be less than 10% if you want to see abdominals. To achieve that, you have to burn calories. To burn calories, you should do cardio exercises and be on a diet. You might be surprised, but diet has more impact on your six pack visibility than anything else, even exercises! Bear that in mind! It is possible that you have nice and strong muscles under your fat, but it cannot be seen because of that fat! So, forget all fast food restaurants, all pies, all cakes. Calories from these products are bad calories. Good thing is to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables. Moreover, drink a lot of water. Actually, you should drink lots of water at any stage (bulking or cutting). Read more about nutrition:

Workout nutrition in general, nutrition when bulking , and nutrition when cutting

Main ideas:

  • You do not have a lot of chances to see six pack if you are not on a diet.
  • No fast food, lots of nutritious food.
  • Drink a lot of water.

Healthy Food - Key to Success!

Fruits - symbol of healthy food and diet.
Fruits - symbol of healthy food and diet. | Source

Worst Mistakes - for Slim and People with Overweight

I am going to divide these two types of people into two big paragraphs because ways for reaching perfect abdominals are not the same. People with overweight , firstly, have to lose some weight, meanwhile slim people should gain some muscles. Read more about it below.

Worst Mistake for People with Overweight

Common mistake - people do thousands of crunches and expect to see six-pack in a month. They think that if they do sit-ups, crunches and other that kind of exercises, they will lose some fat from their stomach and six pack is going to be seen soon. Those people are worth praise just for two things - determination and will. Unfortunately, not for workout routine selection. To be honest, this is the worst mistake you can make.

Truth - if you weigh too much, lose some weight. The fact is that you definitely will not see abs muscles until your body fat is lower than 10%. The most efficient way to lose weight is do cardio exercises - running, cycling, climbing, playing any team sports and other activities which require a lot of movement. Moreover, you cannot lose fat just from your stomach area, you lose it from whole body. It means that if you lost some weight - you did lose it from every part of your body - arms, legs, face, stomach, etc. The basic idea - do cardio exercises. And, of course, do not forget to train your abdominals as well, exercises will strengthen these muscles.

So, there are two major points:

  • Lose some weight while doing cardio
  • Do not forget to do appropriate abs exercises

Do Cardio If Your Weight Is Too High

Running - the most enjoyable cardio exercise.
Running - the most enjoyable cardio exercise. | Source

Worst People for Slim People

Common Mistake - again, this is the similar mistake that people with overweight do - doing a lot of crunches and expecting muscles to grow. No, this definitely does not work. If you do something like that, you develop stamina of your muscles, not forcing muscles to grow.

What You Should Do - first of all, you should start training your whole body. You do not want to have a perfect six pack but tiny hands, do you? So, you have to gain some muscles. Unfortunately, during this period (sometimes called bulking) you will get not only muscles but fat as well. Then, when you are happy with mass, do cardio exercises, lose some weight and you will see your abdominals. However, while doing cardio, you might lose some muscles as well, but there is no other way.

Main ideas:

  • Gain some muscles and then do cardio.
  • Train whole body, not only abdominals.

Are You Slim? Gain Mass!

If you are skinny, you will not see your abs.
If you are skinny, you will not see your abs. | Source

Appropriate Exercises

Another mistake that lots of people do. They know only two abdominals exercises - crunches and sit-ups. To be honest, these are not the most effective, especially if you do them without any weights. Another flaw is that they train only your upper abs. The result - people have only four-pack which does not look great. This is one the reasons why most of people have weak lower abs. Exercises for this part of abdominals are more difficult than crunches or situps, but they are worth doing. What is more, there is one more part of your abs, namely obliques. If they are developed, they look amazingly. Many people forget this part, actually, I have no idea why. So, take a look at best exercises for every part of your abdominals (click on the name of exercises to find out how to do it properly):

Good idea is to not forget any of these parts. Personally, I train lower abdominals on Mondays, obliques - on Wednesdays, upper abs - on Fridays. I do one exercise for every muscle group. However, you could do more if your workout routine is called split or mix them up, for example, train all these abs parts and do one exercise for each of them. Basically, it depends on your workout routine.

What is more, you can do most of these exercises even at home, so you do not have to go to the gym to get a nice six-pack!

Abs Exercises

Upper Abs
Lower Abs
Side Twists with Barbell
Leg Raises
Alternating Twists with Weights
Hanging Leg-lifts
Cable Crunches

How to Do Leg Raises

My Personal Experience

My abdominals is not perfect so far, because I am in a bulking phase right now. Honestly, I would love to have some overweight, because I think it is easier to lose some weight than to gain some good weight - muscles. Nevertheless, my abs is quite visible (see photo below). I've been doing abs exercises for about a year. I tried to do them even earlier, but I did not succeed for one reason - I chose bad exercises and intensity was bad. I have been doing lots of situps, but they did not help me at all. But when I started using weights, I noticed first results in a couple of weeks. So, follow advice stated in this article and do not repeat my mistakes!

My Abs

This my abs. Far away from perfect, but I am improving
This my abs. Far away from perfect, but I am improving


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