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How to Make Jeera Water

Updated on October 1, 2011

The majority of Indian conventional foods have an exclusive taste of their extremely versatile spice known as jeera, and also cumin seeds. Often it can be ground together with other spices or herbs and included with the dishes or seasoned along with it. When you visit Northern Indian households, you will be offered with Jaljeera, along with the variation of Jeera Water or for a more complete term, Jeerakavellam. The Indian taste buds is fairly familiar with the fantastic flavour of cumin or jeera seeds, however let's discover what Jeera provides with regards to health advantages.

What Are Jeera Or Cumin Seeds?

Scientifically, it is termed as Cuminum cyminum and is categorized under the Apiaceae group. It is basically utilized for flavouring of food. It is known to possess herbal, medicinal as well as cosmetic capacities. Next to black pepper, it is the 2nd most favoured spice. It can be availed all over the world although most used in Indian countries.

Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds

  • Jeera or Cumin Helps Improve Digestive function and Boosts Metabolic process: Individuals in areas of Southern Asia generally feel that cumin seeds help with digestion. Studies suggest that jeera energizes the manufacture of digestive enzymes that digest body fat, sugars, and starchy foods. Additionally, it will increase metabolic process a bit.
  • Boosts Immunity process since jeera seeds certainly are an excellent way to obtain iron. Just one single tsp of jeera seeds offers about 7 % of your every day importance for iron. Iron can be a nutrient which makes up a significant part of haemoglobin, the particular material in blood vessels that holds air through the entire body. Furthermore, the body utilizes iron to improve the body's defence mechanism working, thus enhancing the body to battle against infectious diseases.
  • Helps in Fighting Anaemia: Include jeera in your meals to battle anaemia as a result of a deficiency of iron. Jeera has elevated levels of iron content material, which supports the RBC formation.
  • It helps Prevent Common Colds, Symptoms of asthma, Respiratory disease since Jeera has been discovered to be extremely effective in the treating of these diseases. Jeera works well for watering down the phlegm within the chest, therefore enhancing the body in effortless expulsion of such. This is an anti-bacterial element which eliminates the virus of typical cold. The massive iron content in Jeera fortifies the immunity process.
  • It Helps Cure Digestion Illnesses because the actual oil contained in jeera energizes the glands in the oral area. The particular thyme contained in jeera raises the slow digestive system process. Consuming cumin with some lukewarm water significantly helps in eliminating stomach pains. Furthermore, treating cumin seeds in drinking water overnight and taking in water is helpful while there is hyperacidity. It assists to relieve stomach bloated feeling.

Thus, with all these information, we are going to tackle the procedure in making Jeera water, something that will help us intake Jeera or Cumin in a liquid form, and much easier to prepare. Jeera water is much more convenient and easily accessible when we desire to take in the healthy elements of Jeera. To do such Jeera water, here is the procedure.


  1. First off, dry the Jeera seeds by roasting half a tablespoon of whole Jeera or cumin seeds. Put the instructed amount in the heated pot until the color of the Jeera seeds darkens which takes about 10 seconds to a minute.
  2. You can use a pot with boiling water, while you roast the Jeera seeds. After which, you can add 1 litre of water in the roasted seeds.
  3. When it brings to a boil, add the water to the prepared Jeera seeds that was roasted.
  4. Additionally, boil it for 3 more minutes.
  5. Strain then serve the warm Jeera water or at room temperature.

Enjoy the healthy benefits of your Jeera Water!

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    • Florida Guy profile image

      Chen 6 years ago

      Thanks for the wonderful comment. :)

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      Well this sounds great! Love it and will try it of course. I'm glad you included the nutritional benefits as well. It's time we started learning (again) that food is here to keep us healthy.

      Rated up!