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How to Make Shaving Razors Stay Sharp

Updated on June 12, 2016
The sharpening block is a smart purchase
The sharpening block is a smart purchase

One can spend $20+ per month just on disposable razors. Some razors cost even more and the common issue for all of them, regardless of brand, is the blade. Even the cheap razors share the same blades. The handles and tilt is what you pay for many times. There are shaving clubs where you can avoid buying expensive blades, like Harry's, but the reality is all blades are made similar. So, how do you prolong the blade life that allows one blade to last weeks?

There is a difference in quality of the blade metal used, but even higher quality steel blades lose their sharpness after only a few days. But, what is more important is what you can do AFTER you shave. I have been using the same blade for weeks because taking the following steps prolongs the blade sharpness:

  1. Soften your hair first using shaving cream or hot water.
  2. Keep your blade clean after using a small brush.
  3. Buy a small sharpening block specifically for shaving blades. They cost less than $15 and with shaving cream or baby oil, sharpen the blade much like you sharpen a knife afterwards.
  4. Sharpen the blade after every shave.
  5. After using, dry thoroughly the blade. Water is the enemy of all blades. Water will shorten the life of a blade if not dried, as will a dirty blade.
  6. Once you have cleaned and sharpen the blade, dip the blade in a small glass of baby oil to further protect it from corruption.
  7. You can also dip the blade in alcohol to clean, disinfect, before and after the shave.
  8. Baby oil is a superb lubricate for shaving also.

Keeping the blade sharp can be done in just a few strokes using a sharpening block made of a type of silicone. When the above is done after every shave, one blade will last and last, saving you a lot of money over the months. But, sooner or later, you will need to toss that blade out. I recommend Dorco blades that stay sharp longer when maintained and are FAR cheaper than Bic, Gillette, and others. Dorco is used by Harry's and other razor clubs.


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