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How to Manage Stress When You Have Too Much on Your Plate

Updated on December 19, 2016

Steps to Sanity

First Step. BREATHE!!

Stupid, but if you're anything like me, you often don't realize your not taking full breaths when things get a little too much.

Work, school, relationships, health, it all adds up on one huge plate that is sometimes nerve racking to even look at, let alone sort out and recover from.

Here's an easy way to look at it, and let me tell you I know this from experience. I work a FT job, often with a PT on the side, and go to school FT as well. I have medical issues that drive normal people up the wall in the first place, and I'm here, alive and breathing, so don't worry, anything can be accomplished!

First thing first, try not to look at everything as a whole. You look at it all and go "Oh My God... How am I going to make it through this..." It's an impossible feeling. You need to step back and compartmentalize it all into it's own pretty little section. If it's a big project with work, just break it down. Don't stress about the total end result, just worry about the little thing in front of you.

If its life, where there's everything on your plate, just try to look at it all separate. Think only about work when you're at work. Don't even TALK about work when your not there. Just separate it from your life other than when you're in those cubical walls.

Give yourself limits. I know there's a lot of deadlines at work school you name it there's probably some kind of deadline involved. But that doesn't mean that you have to turn it into your life!

My father in law gave me one great piece of advice in my first year of marriage to my husband. Don't let the hassle of life take you away from enjoying life. Go out and do something for you at least once a week. Doesn't have to be something you spend money on, hell could be a trip to the dog park, where you just relax but do it. You can't have a life if everything else controls it.

Set a schedule for yourself. Only work on homework or projects to a certain time, unwind. Relax. Let yourself really breath in the sense of not caring about the outside world.

Another thing you need to do, Delegate wherever it might be possible!!! If you have a job where you can pass small pieces of a project to someone else, do it! You don't need to micro-manage everything, you can let go of the reigns and trust others to do it now and again. If you have a live-in boyfriend/girlfriend or a spouse, let them handle some of the house affairs if you're feeling overwhelmed. Let them worry about the bills. If you live alone, set up auto bill payments, anything, things that you don't need to worry about if you don't have to. Make it easier on yourself any way that you can, even if its not having to call the cable company to pay your bill every month. Its time that you can better have enjoying your life.

Finally, find something to throw yourself into just for you. Read books, reply to random hub pages, SOMETHING that you can dedicate you to without it being trouble for you. Something that you can enjoy.

Hope that you got something from this, and if you ever feel too overwhelmed send on over a message. I'm open to talking you through any hell you might be experiencing. The world is a chaotic place, find a time out zone and make it more orderly.

Yea. Feels like this


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    • TurnOnYourSenses profile image

      TurnOnYourSenses 8 years ago

      I guess I read this at the exact moment that I needed to. Being a wife, mom of 4 including a newborn, part time pediatric physical therapist, and starting my own business to help parents and children, yeah I'd say I have a lot on my plate, and I am grateful that I have a full beautiful plate!! Overwhelm creeps up quietly and then startles you. I just needed a lesson in the obvious! Thank you for that!

    • profile image

      No One But someone 8 years ago

      I can relate to this.The last cup-of-weeks,I been overwhelmed. I work in a restaurant; Things move very fast there. Friday and Saturdays I work 12 1/2 hours there also on the side I mow one big yard. It has a field that goes alone with it. (It no joke) Then there two more yards. They are not your avg. yards. I do one yard a day. This is for my wife daddy. I am under paid, never seen any of the money from the yards, because my father- in-law gives her the money. That is sometimes a killer, but no the root of my problem. I been trying to quit doing the mowing. I tell my wife my feet are hurting and my body is broke down. She think I am making up excuse to stop mowing. She always tell me to be a man. First I want to say; drop my kid off with their grandmother so I can mow. When I done I go back and get them. I have to wash them up, feed them, play with them and etc. So I am gone from 9am-11:30 am that just one yard. Then my come back in place. Monday-Thursday I need to be at work at 5pm. I have a 3yr. old, 5 yr. old and a 10yr. old. two are not in school yet. I had them while she at work. I raised them from day one. Once again these yards are breaking me down. I tell her and she doesn't seem to hear me. Sometime I just want to walk away from her. I am not that type person to just walk away.