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How to Master the Seven Keys to Losing Weight

Updated on August 1, 2011
Losing Weight
Losing Weight | Source

The challenge of how to lose weight and keep it off seems to be almost a universal one. But that doesn't mean you can't do it. It's more a question of developing new strategies and new habits. Below are seven simple keys to help you change behaviors to master the problem of weight loss.

Do Not Buy Fattening Foods If You Want to Lose Weight

If it's not in your house then you can't eat it, can you? Stop buying sweets, packaged snacks, salty foods, foods with added sugar. Especially stop consuming sugar and foods and drinks that contain a lot of sugar. Educate yourself on wise food choices and then pay attention to food labels when shopping. To help yourself lose weight, only buy and eat the foods that are truly good for your body.

Specific tips include:

  • Don't eat or snack in front of a television. It's too easy to overeat and barely notice.
  • Snack primarily on fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat every meal and don't starve yourself.
  • Celebrate occasionally and have some favorite food that has been banished from your new, healthier diet (like chocolate cake).
  • Follow a respected diet plan like The Mayo Clinic Diet for Healthy Weight Loss.

Limit the Portions You Eat to Lose Weight

Portion control is crucial to avoid over eating. Use smaller plates and serve smaller amounts of food. It will take time for your stomach to shrink, but it will eventually get the message that you've decided to lose weight and be healthy.

Drink Water to Lose Weight

A full glass of water before you start to eat will help you achieve that full feeling quicker. Have another glass of water with your meal. Never consume sugary drinks. The water strategy will help you lose weight, but don't overdo the water.

Put Your Fork Down After Every Bite to Lose Weight

This is an important tactic if you need to lose weight. Chew your food slowly and completely. Eating a meal should not be a race. This key behavior change allows more time for your brain to get the signal that you've had enough to eat.

Limit Fried Food to Lose Weight

This may be a hard one to master. Fried foods taste good. But you need your reasoning to take charge here and to learn to bake, steam, grill or broil instead, if you really want a healthier diet and to lose weight.

Keep a Food Diary to Help You Lose Weight (Optional)

This key takes a lot of time and so is optional. But if you could keep track of everything you consume for a couple of months it would really help you to learn where the calories come from. That data would then point the way to eating and drinking habits and choices that need to be changed.

Get Out There If You Really Want to Lose Weight

Take frequent long walks, gradually working up to a decent pace. The best frequency for walking when trying to lose weight is every day.

Exercise is the seventh key and offers enormous benefits for you, both in body and mind. Increased physical activity is a must for permanent weight loss. See the Federal Government's 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans for further information.


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