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How to Maximize your treadmill expirence

Updated on November 16, 2009

Treadmill Maximization

How to Maximize your Treadmill

To anyone who is thinking about getting a Treadmill they are a very good tool for exercising indoors. Several things that make them appealing is the ability to exercise privately, the ability to customize your workouts, and the ability to jump on and off the treadmill at your leisure. There are tons of reasons buy treadmills to work out, and I am a strong supporter of the product.

This Hub is focused not only why to buy a treadmill, but how to maximize your treadmill experience for daily exercising. This could be for me only but the best way to walk or jog long distances is to put your mind in another place, to be entertained or stay thinking. This way your focus shifts from having to run for another 45 minuets to anything else! This is where setting up your treadmill properly comes into play.

Following the picture below for this setup you will need

2. Laptop or Netbook (TV)
3. Music Software / DVD Movie
4. Headphones (They help you full immerse yourself in the music/movie)

Most treadmills come with a "book" tray which as you can see is where you place the bottom half of your laptop flipped open. Plug the laptop into the wall and fire it up. Putting your favorite movie on in the background and some motivational music is a great way to listen and watch, doubling the effectiveness of occupying your mind while you are running.

1. Sports events are a great way to pass the time exercising as well. Tune into your favorite sport while your running and your focus will most likely stay on the game

2. New music is always required to keep your mind wandering. Putting music on that you already know the words can leave you bored and back to the thought of running.

3. Headphones - If you have a set I would suggest them over the computer speakers. Having the music or video sounds go directly into your ears helps you focus on it. Also if they are noise canceling, they can drown the sound of the treadmill moving out. This sound alone makes it sound like you are working hard, eliminating it helps keep going.

If you have any other suggestions or enjoy a treadmill in a different manner please comment and post your pictures.

* This treadmill is a Rebook and works very well for any level runner / jogger / walking.

Maximum Treadmill #2


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