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How to Melt Away Belly Fat – Truth and Tips

Updated on July 24, 2010

Worried about your fat belly? This hub outlines a basic principle and some tips to melt away belly fat effectively. A lot of people can not resist the temptation of eating unhealthy, fat-rich food, like ice cream, cookies etc. Because of their eating habit, most of them are bound to have unwanted body fat around their waist. Belly fat, or fat around the waist is no good from a healthy point of view.

Fat in the mid section is metabolically active which implies that it can more easily release body fat into your blood stream and this brings to a higher risk of diseases including diabetes and heart attacks. If you stored too much unwanted fat in your belly, you will have a higher chance of storing more fat in the liver simultaneously; an increased fat in the liver interferes with its function, making the liver slow at taking away insulin from your bloodstream, which in turn will cause blood sugar rises and insulin resistance of your cells.

The greatest place to find a solution good for you is looking on the internet. You may have spent a lot of money on books and workout DVDs to fight a fat tummy, but unfortunately you had no success. The problem is, once you spend the money, you don’t even bother to read these books. Remember, no method will work unless you show some dedication. My suggestion is, there’s no need to spend money to melt away a fat belly, all you have to do is to take full advantage of free internet resources to solve your problem. There are hundreds of websites out there to help you make a plan and achieve results, you just need to read the manual.

Before you start looking online to find solutions to control your belly fat, I will outline some simple rules below with tips you can follow. All of them are very common knowledge you should know before you start. Basically, the healthy methods to control stomach fat fall into two categories, diet and exercise. Although there are so many methods for belly fat out there, basically they are just different versions of the above two principles.

Exercise will help you to convert those harmful abdominal fats into strong muscle around your body. Because work out is a good calories burner, with proper exercises, you will melt away unwanted fat around your waist and build the muscle groups at the same time. It is recommended that you should not only focus on toning your abs, but also on strengthening all your core muscle groups. Doing whole-body exercise will help you burn belly fat more efficiently by increasing your metabolism. Studies have shown that more calories are burned during whole-body exercise. There are also some exercise tips below:

Running is a fantastic way to lose extra fat and get in shape, particularly good for tummy fat. Running frequently will also assist you sleep well at night, get physically stronger and become healthier.

Interval training is also great for melting off your belly fat. Your metabolic rate is raised exceeding the normal level with this training and for this reason you burn more calories to lose your fat.

Diet is the second fundamental rule for slim waist and flat belly. In most of the case, changing your eating habits can play a very important role in helping you lose abdominal fat fast. There some tips for a healthy diet below:

Staying away from chips, candies, sweets and other junk food, these foods usually have high sugar content. The excess consumption of junk food tends to increase your blood sugar and reduce fat metabolism.

Eat more whole grain foods which contain the fiber and minerals your body needs, because processed carbohydrates are bad for you. So keep away from eating white bread, pastas and white rice.

You should try to stick to a protein rich diet, these foods have high protein and low fats and calories, and they are usually taken with low carbohydrate foods. The diet helps your body to lose calories faster, it will also assist you a lot.

Drink at least eight cups of water daily. Water doesn't contain any calories at all and it activates your metabolism. Also remember to replace alcohol and carbonated drinks with water, this will decrease the size of your stomach.

Remember that reducing your weight and melting abdominal fat take time and you should write down your goals and implement the proper diet and exercise plan as well.

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    • mekoshark profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Hi Marie, I just outline some basic ideas on how to lose belly fat instead of elaborating every detail. The method should be taken on an individual basis.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Not that informative on how to actually shed the belly fat.

    • scientistsaiful profile image


      8 years ago



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