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How to Prevent Gout in 5 Simple Steps

Updated on April 7, 2010

How to Prevent Gout

If you or a loved one has ever had gout, you can attest that it is a very painful disease. However, there is hope. While many choose gout medications to deal with this disease, it is possible to eliminate or reduce the frequency and intensity of this disease without taking medications. 5 simple ways on how to prevent gout are:

1. Lose weight

2. Avoid High Purine Foods

3. Drink Plenty of Water

4. Eat Plenty of Vegetables and Fruits

5. Exercise Regularly


We will take a look at each of these methods as they each have their own merit on how to get rid of and help keep this painful problem at bay.  Gout prevention is no different than any other remedies for alleviating disease, you just need to know what steps to use.

Weight loss Tips

Prevent Gout by Losing Weight

Most people who have gout are overweight. Many are obese. I also am overweight and while I have not gotten any gout attacks in the past couple years, I feel because I drink cherry juice regularly, I can vouch for the fact that not only do studies show that if you lose weight you increase your chances of eliminating or reducing both the frequency and intensity of gout attacks, but I also noticed when I got down to a healthy weight I stopped having attacks.  So do yourself a favor and lose weight.   

One thing to take note of is that you should not lose weight too quickly or fast. This can actually cause a gout attack.  I can attest to this by personal experience.  This is because by losing weight too rapidly you increase your percentage of uric acid in your system in the short term. Not to mention, losing weight rapidly or fasting can be harmful and even dangerous. You will also be more likely to stay on a weight loss routine if you lose at a moderate pace.

The video is a lighthearted advertisement for losing weight. I have no affiliation with the company.

Prevent Gout by Avoiding High Purine Foods

Eating high purine foods can cause gout. It is crucial to your efforts to avoid attacks that you eat a diet low in purines. It is almost impossible to totally get rid of purines, but if you can avoid the high food items, then you should be able to control this painful problem. Therefore it is important to know which gout foods to avoid.

I know when I watched my diet and stopped eating gouty foods such as hamburgers, my gout attacks decreased. I also lost weight. If you just can't live without red meat, eat lean meats. At least that is more muscle meat which has less purines in it. Avoid the organ meat and leftover meats that you will find in lesser quality hamburger and hotdogs. These lower quality meats will have the higher purines in them.

Prevent Gout by Drinking Water

Proper Water Intake Tips

Drinking plenty of water is vital to helping you prevent gout. The reason behind this is because water helps your body function more properly which allows a couple things to occur. First, your renal system is able to process the highly acidic uric acid out of your system. This will help keep the problems associated with too much crystallization to occur in your joints.

Another reason you would want to keep hydrated is it helps your joints to work better which will keep them healthier and less susceptible to damage from the uric acid. Better hydration will allow synovial fluid to work more efficiently in your joints. It is the synovial fluid that actually clears out the "garbage" from your joints.

Check out the video to the right for good information on how to make sure you are drinking enough water.

Tips on How to Prevent Gout

Fruits and Vegetables help Prevent Gout

There are several reasons why you should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as a way to help prevent a gout attack. Eating plenty of these healthy foods will help you with the first three items suggested. Eating sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables will help you maintain healthy weight or lose weight. Not to mention the vitamins and minerals found in these foods will help your body operate more efficiently.

Another way eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can help is most fruits and vegetables are low in purines. Therefore you can help reduce your uric acid production by eating plenty of these foods instead of eating high purine foods. There are a few exceptions such as artichokes and broccoli. These two vegetables tend to be patient specific, so if you enjoy these foods, try in small amounts and slowly increase to see if you have a problem. If you do reduce or eliminate your intake until you see a decrease in attacks.

Fruits and vegetables tend to be dense water foods and this will help you prevent dehydration. As we've seen, preventing dehydration is very important to helping lessen or get rid of gout.

Exercising Tips

Preventing Gout through Exercise

Exercising has quite a few benefits for preventing gout attacks. First of all, it helps you lose weight. As earlier noted, losing weight is very important to helping stop future attacks. But just as with losing weight, you must exercise in moderation. Going all out can cause too much damage on your joints and can actually trigger an attack.

Another reason it is helpful to exercise to avoid this problem is that when you exercise you increase the amount of synovial fluid that flows through your joints. This synovial fluid washes out the "junk" in your joints therefore helping you to flush the uric acid out of your joints. This will help reduce attacks and can help over time to possibly get rid of them altogether.

The video to the right has easy to do exercises that anyone can use to help them slowly work themselves back into shape.  As with any exercise or medical information, seek your doctor's counsel before implementing them.

How to Prevent Gout by Fixing Your pH levels

The ultimate way to prevent gout is to fix your pH levels. Your body naturally produces acids and then tries to neutralize those acids to keep your body in balance. This is where diet comes into play.

The American diet is very acidic and this can throw your pH levels out of balance. Your body must maintain this balance so it takes the alkaline minerals and compounds such as potassium and leaches them from your system. That is why it is so important to replace the potassium. It does not take a huge switch to being acidic to cause gout. Therefore if you want to prevent gout attacks you must fix your pH levels.

You can do this by finding gout treatments that address turning pH levels to alkalinity.

Gout Prevention Comments and Questions

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    • tbfrascone profile image

      tbfrascone 8 years ago from Michigan

      Thank you Vandelay for the kind words. I have used celery seed extract. I discuss it in one of my other gout hubs. It worked very well for me as well.

    • Vandelay profile image

      Vandelay 8 years ago from United States

      Unfortunately, I know the pain caused by gout. I was overweight, eating poorly, and not exercising. Besides all of your great tips for reducing the chances of getting gout, if you do develop it, there is a simple way to stop the inflammation. Celery seed extract, which is available at most health food stores, actually attacks the uric acid in your body. I didn't believe it when I heard about this, but it stops the pain very quickly, within hours. Still, you need to follow all of the tips in this hub (not just for gout, but for overall healthy living!) but it does provide fast pain relief! I recommend the pill form as the liquid tastes horrible!