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How to Prevent Inner Thigh Chafing

Updated on June 16, 2011

Thighs Chafing

This started with me getting fed up with getting rashes and bumps and feeling like the skin had just melted away from my leg. Inner thigh chafing can be a serious problem because of the constant burning feeling it causes especially when sweating. I have a very physical job like most people do and this only started a couple years ago.

So most cases are caused from your thighs actually rubbing together which causes friction that leads to inner thigh chafing. There are many things that people have told me to try but only one thing has worked and that is getting these special sweat absorbing underwear mixed with a baby powder of other monkey butt products..

What to wear?

Great shorts and underwear for stopping thigh chafing are all over the place but I will show you what many people won't, i'll show you a list of the underwear that I have as well as some deals on the underwear.

Both pairs I love because they absorb the sweat and air it out because they are so breathable. Also they come down low enough so that they don't let your thighs rub together like some other pairs of underwear allow.

Thigh Chafing Underwear to wear

So if your having problems with your thighs chaffing trying changing to a different type of underwear you will be shocked as to how big of a difference you will see. If your still having problems please check back as I will be updating on all aspects of stopping thigh chafing. But like i said changing to a boxer brief type will help you alot.


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