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How to Prevent Inner Thigh Chafing and Irritation to your skin.

Updated on September 12, 2010

What causes Chafing.

Inner thigh chafing can be one of the most annoying conditions especially if you don't know how to get rid of it. Chafing is caused from the rubbing of two surfaces making it become irritated. You don't even have to be overweight to have this happen. I'm athletic but when I work I get sweaty and it causes my skin to rub together and get very uncomfortable and chafed. Here are some products that help prevent Chafing and that I have tried personally.  Summer time is the worst for me usually when it comes to inner thigh chafing.  I dread it each year but now I have finally figured it out and I want o help everyone else out their.

Products For Preventing and treating Chafing

Chafing Products

Here are some great products that I have had great luck with. The monkey butt powder was a little weird because it seemed like a joke at first. But after the embarrassment of buying I loved it. I will occasionally get questions when people use my bathroom and see the picture on the bottle. I get a chuckle each time some ask. What is that Monkey Butt Powder?

The body glide works great I just don't think it lasted as long for the chafing. It seemed to wear off quick. Plus I don't like the deodorant feel to it.

The Nivea works great because it keeps the moisture in so that it doesn't sweat out and cause friction with your thighs which causes the chafing in the first place.

Preventing Thigh Chafing with these tips

  • Wear boxer briefs, biker shorts, or tight fitted shorts that way the friction is on the pants or shorts not your skin.  If you wear boxers, or brief your thighs aren't protected and can cause irritation on your legs.
  • Dieting, I know this sounds mean but it's true heavier set people suffer more from chafing but don't think that skinny people don't because they do to.
  • Drink water this will stop your sweat from producing as many salt crystals that can speed up chafing and then can irritate it even more.  This is one I never thought of which is a duh moment but it makes since.
  • Wear clothing that draws away sweat from your body.  Not cotton, cotton retains water and holds it their next to your leg.

Seeing The Doctor.

Something to remember if your rash last more than a couple days like someone I know then you need to see the doctor because sometimes it becomes a fungal infection.


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