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How to Prevent Obesity?

Updated on May 24, 2011

Obesity: An International Trend Nowadays.....

Obesity is becoming an international trend today affecting children, teen and adults. Weight loss, on the other hand, had become an obsession to people. The question of how to combat obesity is always the topic of almost all health and fitness sites. Well, to be able to overcome obesity, there are many ways to solve the problem of being overweight.

Time is an important consideration when trying to stop obesity. The earlier it is prevented, the better. Obesity can result to numerous chronic diseases, if not treated. Diabetes, heart diseases and even cancer are just few later complications of being overweight. If you don’t want to have these more complicated diseases, try to manage your weight now while there is still time for you to do it.

Simplest Ways To Fight Obesity.....

Eat right: Eating right is always on the top of the list in losing weight. This means eating the right food, the right amount and at the right time. Right food means one should be able to consume a balanced diet every day. A balanced diet contains healthy food including fruits and vegetable. Plan your meals even before going to the market. With this, you will have a plan and don’t have the tendency to pick anything you thing is right for your health. Learn how to do food portioning which is an effective way to prevent obesity. Portion your food so that you can control your food intake. Discipline towards eating is very essential so that all efforts invested in losing up the weight are worth.

Breakfast, being the most important meal of the day, should not be skipped. If you want to eat a lot, you can do it during breakfast since the food you ate will eventually be digested as you go on with your daily activities. Skipping it will give you the chance to overeat during the lunch or dinner. Overeating during dinner is not a healthy thing to do because at night, your body is sleep. When you are sleep, your body is sedentary so there is no extra effort to burn fats. Normally the body still burns fat during sleeping time but it can’t burn all the fats you deposited because of overeating.

It is also a rule of thumb not to eat junk foods. Soda, alcoholic drinks and other unhealthy drinks is not allowed for consumption.

Engage in physical activities: Exercise is the most common way to prevent obesity. It goes hand in hand with the proper diet. Some of the physical activities like walking, jogging or running are helpful in increasing burning of fat in the body. Climbing the stairs daily instead of taking the lift is also helpful. Doing an exercise for about thirty minutes every day can prevent you to become obese.

Water Therapy: Make sure to drink the required eight glasses a day to avoid yourself from getting sick. Water is essential especially for the obese one since water does not contain calorie so it is the safest liquid to drink. More water intake will result to better hydration of the skin. Water also makes the stomach full. After eating a meal, drink plenty of water so that you feel satisfied.

Track your weight regularly. Keeping a record of your weight will help you to determine whether the techniques you are doing are effective. This will also be a way to tell whether your weight is still in the healthy range when compared versus your height. Calculating your BMI for this case will be easy if you recorded weights at least once a week.

Obesity can be ruled out by the tips and information stated above. All you have to is to have the urge to do it and there will be no difficulties in achieving a healthy you.

How to prevent obesity?

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