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How to Prevent UV Radiation Effects on Human?

Updated on February 23, 2017

Most of the people prefer to expose themselves to the sun. However, they don’t have a clear understanding about all the negative effects that UV rays can deliver to them. From various studies, it has been identified that exposing your body to the sun excessively can deliver negative effects to your health in the long run. The UV rays emitted by the sun are the culprit for delivering these health issues.

Sunburn can be considered as the most prominent negative effect that the UV radiation can deliver to you. However, excessive exposure can lead you towards more serious health conditions. Premature aging of skin, immune system suppression, eye damage and skin cancers are to name a few. When compared to adults, children are at the greatest risk of experiencing these negative effects of UV radiation.

If you want to prevent the negative effects delivered by UV radiation, the best method that you can follow would be to stay away from sunlight during in the middle of your day. However, this would not be practical for most of the people because of their day to day schedules and other commitments. Such individuals can think about using a sunscreen in order to block the UV rays from entering skin. However, all the sunscreen products that are available in the market are not in a position to deliver effective results for the people. Therefore, it is important to use a sunscreen that has a SPF value of 15 or more. Then you will be able to deliver enhanced protection to your skin against the harmful UV radiation.

It would be a good idea to cover up your body while you go out in the middle of the day. This method would also assist you to minimize the exposure to UV rays by a considerable amount. In order to cover up the body, you can think about spending money on clothes that can cover your entire skin. In addition, you can use sunglasses and hats in order to protect your eyes from UV radiation. You should also be careful when purchasing sunglasses. If you want enhanced protection from the UV radiation, you should spend your money in wraparound sunglasses, which would block both UVA and UVB radiation.

From the recent studies, it has been identified that the peak hours of UV radiation is in between 10am to 3pm. Therefore, you should refrain from going out in that time as much as possible. In addition, you need to be extra careful when you are on water, snow or sand. That’s because the above mentioned surfaces have the ability to reflect back up to 85 percent of the sun rays. Therefore, you will have to experience more severe impacts on staying on such surfaces during the peak hours of UV radiation for extended durations. Last but not least, you should refrain from all the artificial sources of UVA radiation such as tanning booths regardless of the short term benefits that they deliver.


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