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How to Really Free Your Life to Be Peaceful and Happy

Updated on March 16, 2020

Do you have issues in your life?

Do you have issues in your life? Are you searching for answers to eradicate the problems in your life? Many people are searching for a magic formula to smoothen their lives. Are you happy? Are you satisfied with your present life? Allow me to share with you this very practical, easy and yet very effective technique that will guarantee you a life full of inner peace and contentment. I practice many techniques to improve on my quest for a happy life.

Before going straight to this technique, please let me explain why we are unable to rid ourselves of problems and negative issues that seem to haunt us so frequently. We need to understand a special law of the universe which works on the influence of vibrations. Each of us generates a special set of vibrations through our thoughts. These vibrations are similar to radio waves. When we tune our receiver to a specific radio wavelength, we can tune in to receive messages. Likewise, our vibratory wavelength will determine what type of responses we attract towards us. When we have negative thoughts of hatred, resentment and agitation, we generate negative vibrations thereby attracting similar negative responses to haunt our lives. In other words, our mental program is flawed. In computer jargon, we need to reformat the program by identifying the flawed data, delete them and replace with the correct configurations and algorithms.

A visit to a neurologist

During a recent visit to a neurologist I was pleasantly surprised with the unconventional approach that the doctor pursued her therapeutic dissertation. She started with a brief explanation of something not specifically related to her medical field but to me it was definitely very relevant. She explained that medical problems in specific locations of the body have direct relations with our current life's problems. In medical term, "psychosomatic". As I was very adept to this principle, her explanation struck a chord in my mind and I immediately knew my medical problem. I have not been putting more effort in my spiritual training on certain issues that resulted in my recurring dizziness problem. She has given me the precise prescription for my dizziness problem even though I did not even get to see her! What precisely was her message that helped me resolve my dizziness problem?

The casual lecture was held inside her consultation room. After the lecture, we were ushered back to the waiting room. And there it was, the answer to life’s problems by way of a video! The tv screen in front of the waiting room was playing a video which was repeated throughout the whole session. I might be the only one seriously watching it. This is the video you are going to watch at the end of this article.

The message in this video is exactly what I have been trying to practice in my life, especially during this twilight period of my life. I am into very serious spiritual exploration into methods that would improve my spiritual practice to achieve inner peace and happiness. After listening to the talk by the good doctor and watching this video, I come to realize that although I am following the right method, I have not been putting sufficient effort into my spiritual cultivation. From now on, I am putting my full effort into it.

The principle of Ho’oponopono

What is this Ho’oponopono? It is basically a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.

Ponopono is defined as "to put to rights; to put in order”.

You are suffering now because of your past digressions. Be grateful for your present state because you are now given the opportunity to cleanse your spiritual impurities. Your life is now with less impurities. Accept with your innermost gratitude that your life will now be better because you are given the opportunity to cleanse yourself spiritually. Only good tidings will come your way once these spiritual impurities are expunged. Each time your impure thoughts surface to haunt you, be mindful to fully accept the impure thoughts. Embrace them with complete acceptance of what you cannot control; your hurtful thoughts. This is the key to resolve and neutralize the impure thoughts. The key of acceptance. This key will unlock the trapdoor to release whatever impure thoughts that surface. Gradually you will be free from those debilitating thoughts.

This is what you need to do whenever a negative or impure thought surfaces:

  1. Use the Key of Acceptance. I accept what is coming out of my memory.
  2. Say “I am sorry”. This is to practice the feeling of Repentance.
  3. Say “Please forgive me”. This is to express your sincere Humility.
  4. Say “I thank you”. This is to show your Gratitude.
  5. Say “I love you”. This is to offer unconditional Love.

You will gradually experience miracles happening to your life if you diligently practise this ritual every moment of your life.

Remember, turn the Key of Acceptance, and then recite the following Mantra:

  1. I am sorry
  2. Please forgive me
  3. I thank you
  4. I love you

By reciting this Mantra you are expressing repentance, humility, gratitude and love. All in this order:

  1. I am sorry : Repentance
  2. Please forgive me : Humility
  3. I Thank you : Gratitude
  4. I love you : Unconditioned Love

You will experience a twin miracle in this process of self-cleansing:

  1. Depletion of your overloaded baggage.
  2. Attraction of positive tidings.

The video

The video below will guide you through with very simple steps to neutralize your negative vibrations. And in the process, delete them completely from your system. It will auto-replace them with positive vibrations once these negative data are expunged. Your mental reprogramming is complete. Your life will become a beacon of bright light, expelling the darkness of sorrow and attracting the light of peace and happiness.

Ho'oponopono - Feel it!

The song: Ho'oponopono

© 2020 Justin Choo


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