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How to Regenerate your Gall Bladder

Updated on June 1, 2011
Lecithin Granules and Hydrangea Gravel Root Tea Powder
Lecithin Granules and Hydrangea Gravel Root Tea Powder

Are you having problems with your Gall Bladder?

The old "Wives' Tale" is if you meet the 3 F's (Female, Fat & Forty) you probably already have your gall bladder removed or will soon. If you think you might be having problems with your Gall Bladder, here a some symptoms you might look for. Abdominal pain, nausea, fever, backache, jaundice or indigestion. You could have one or more of these symptoms and the symptoms can come and go.

Before you run out and schedule surgery to have your gall bladder removed, please be aware of a few things. Your body is a self living organism. It is designed to heal itself and with the proper care it usually does a great job on its own. Fortunately, the gall bladder is an organ that has the ability to regenerate itself.

However, sometimes through the everyday abuse we do to it with poor diet, toxic environment, lack of exercise, (to name a few) it needs some additional help. Here are some steps that you could incorporate into your daily routine that could possibly save you from a date with your surgeon.

1) Avoid preservatives, nitrites, nitrates and artificial sweeteners in foods and drinks. Stick to whole foods and not processed foods.

2) Avoid fatty and fried foods as this could exasperate your symptons

3) Implement fresh apples and pears into your diet

4) Exercise regularly

5) Take Organic Lecithin Granules and Hydrangea Gravel Root Tea Powder daily for 10 days on and 10 days off.

6) Seek regular Chiropractic Care from a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic that will adjust the area where the nerves to your gall bladder are.

By following the above recommendations some people have received immediate relief and some people it has taken 3-12 months to correct the condition. Even when you feel better and think you are cured from the disease, you must always be aware that it could flare up again.

I have had people that have flu like symptoms off and on for a couple of months not aware what was wrong. They go to their M.D.'s which refer out to a specialist. The specialist recommends a Gall Bladder stress test which in return comes back showing that their gall bladder is failing and that they must have it removed immediately. The patient returns home and immediately starts the recommendations that I have mentioned above. With great results, their gall bladder regenerated itself and they no longer need to have surgery.

Good luck and always seek natural care first. Give your body a fighting chance!


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    • profile image

      Benjamin 3 years ago

      I was diagnosed with gallbladder polyps last Fall after the results of an ultrasound came back showing them. It also showed a "slightly course" liver which actually could mean a slightly fatty liver. My older sister struggles with fatty liver disease. I tend to eat organic almost always but sometimes not. I think my biggest weakness was the cakes, cookies and ice cream. That I cannot do anymore.

      I just got another ultrasound about 2 weeks ago and it showed that I had a new small polyp that had begun to develop along with the largest polyp (9 mm) growing from 9 mm to 1cm plus 25mm which equals 1.25cm. According to the research I read they say that if a polyp grows to above 1 cm that it has a much higher chance of being cancerous. I don't really trust the medical establishment especially since both my older and younger sisters had their gallbladders removed and both of them have told me to not do it. They say that they are no better off and feel much the same as before they had them removed.

      I am going to a very experienced acupuncture/herbal doctor this Tuesday. She said that if I follow the protocol (sticking to a strict diet and using the herbs that she gives me) she has set out that the polyps will shrink and eventually go away.

      Have you ever heard of anyone healing gallbladder polyps before? Thank you for your time.