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How to Relieve Back Pain - Part 1

Updated on November 22, 2010

Step by Step Exercises for Stretching

So your back hurts!! Recent surveys indicate that you are among over 80% of the Americans with morning back pain. This will be a good starting point to relieve some of the pain. For some of you it will be difficult to do so go slowly. These are natural ways to assist you in your management of back pains.

To achieve the success you would like, you will need to address several categories: stretching, strengthening and then maintaining an appropriate eating and drinking diet. We are going to approach these activities with a focus on cost and how natural we can make these exercises.

Let's start with stretching:

* Lie face down on an exercise ball and move your shoulders forward slightly. When you are beginner to exercise do this 15 times and as you get more flexible, repeat the exercise 3 repetitions.

* Rest and relax for a few minutes. Stand up and place your hands upon your lower back and then push your shoulders back and hips forward. You are going to hear a number of times to do this 15 times building up to your endurance allowing you to do it 3 times.

* Lay on the ground facing up, now pull one knee up toward your chest and then pull your other leg up to your chest. While holding this position, twist the bottom half of your torso to your left and point your knees to the 10 o'clock position. After holding this position for about 10 seconds, twist your torso the other direction to your right at the 2 o'clock position. You will want to repeat this exercise 15 times building up to 3 sets of this exercise as well.

* Rest and relax for a few minutes. While still lying on the ground face up, bend your legs at the knees and place your feet flat on the ground. Slowly push up your hip area until you form a bridge. Do this exercise 15 times building up to 3 sets.


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    • chenderson00 profile image

      chenderson00 7 years ago from South Carolina

      This is great! I have lived with scoliosis my entire life and my back kills me sometimes. These tips are great and most of these exercises I already use, but some I need to start using. Thanks for tips!