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How to Relieve Foot Pain

Updated on November 11, 2017

People with Aching feet know what these are. Shoe insoles.

How many of these have you been through in the last 6 months? Feet hurt so bad you just can't get the right cushion in your shoe to be comfortable, pain free. Either the insoles are too soft, hard, thin, thick or you just cut them wrong and you can feel it when you have them in your shoe. In the mean time your feet hurting all day long! Stabbing, tingling, numb, cramping, throbbing all at the same time. How on earth can anyone make it through the day with all that pain? Dread walking from room to room.

My Foot Pain and how it got started

One day for no reason the heel of my left foot started hurting. It was a constant stabbing pain. So bad I could not stand or walk on it. I didn't even do anything to hurt it. As day's went by my right heel also started hurting. Shortly there after the bottom sole's of both of my feet were killing me with Excruciating pain all day long.

Getting out of the bed in the morning was horrific. Sitting on the couch with my feet propped up or down would eventualy have them throbbing with pain.

I went to a Podiatrist he gave me a shot because he thought I had Plantar Fasciitis. So the shot had to go EXACTLY where the pain was in my heel. He missed the spot and the shot didn't work. So I went back a week later told him my feet hurt all over the foot. So he decides now I have something different and he tapes my feet up. All that did was make them THROB like crazy. I couldn't get the tape off fast enough. The pain medication wasn't working either. That is when I decided to just take matters into my own hands.


Epsom Salt soaks


Foot Massager and Reflex sandals.

Aspercreme works for achy feet

I have went through many creams for my foot pain and the only one that worked for me is Aspercreme. This is why I am recommending it. I am not selling, promoting or advertising for them.

I tried other creams that had capsaicin as one of the ingredients. Which is good for Arthritis. But, the cream was burning-stinging my feet and that just added more pain to what I already was in.

Aspercreme for feet that Hurt


Shiatsu Foot Massager

You might have heard about rolling a tennis ball around the bottom sole of your feet. This can work but, it is a struggle to keep the ball under your foot without it rolling off constantly. Besides, you're needing to put more pressure on the pain than what the tennis ball has to offer. That is why you need an electric foot massager. The best kind that workes for me is a Shiatsu Foot Massager. It has the metal balls that rotate around and KNEADS into the pain. They also have them with hot and cold temperature.

Shiatsu Foot Massager for Foot Pain. This one is almost worn out. Time to buy a new one.

Massage your feet when they hurt! This is what they need.

Daily Routine for Aching Feet

Soak feet in Epsom salt
Tub of warm water
1/2 cup epsom salt
Rub Aspercreme
2 dime size squirts in palm of hand
Massage Feet with electric shiatsu foot massager
1 shiatsu foot massager
There is no order to do this. When ever the time is right for you to do through out the day. You can do all three back to back then throught the day you might need a little more Aspercreme. Later while relaxing use the massager again.

Acupuncture sandals, Reflex sandals for pain in feet

When you first slip your feet into the reflex sandals they are going to ABSOLUTELY KILL YOUR FEET! They will feel like needles trying to go through the skin.

I'm not trying to talk you out of using them. I just have to tell you the truth. You will have to get used to them. Put them on for a short period of time a few times throughout the day. So you can get used to them. Yes, you will eventually get used to them.

Now, they are not the type of sandal you can wear all day. You just want to make a few steps here and there with them. That way the little buttons can put pressure on your tender, aching spots and help alleviate the pain.

Acupuncture sandals, Reflex sandals for pain in feet

Epsom Salt Magnesium Sulfate

Soak the feet in warm epsom salt water for as long as you like. Buy any brand you want. There is no s pecial one better than the other. I just bought this one at Walmart an it cost .98 cents. I also made a mixture in a spay bottle of rubbing alcohol and epsom salt. I used the spray along side with the Aspercreme.

Yes, I tried so many things. What I am listing here are all the things that work together for me.

Why does Epsom salt help with pain? Because of the magnesium. Ever heard of taking magnesium sulfate for cramps? It works. That's another story to tell.

Soak Feet in Warm Epsom Salt Water


Comfortable Shoes for Foot Pain

Do you have a closet full of shoes and can't wear any of them?

You want a pair that can give you support. The thing is, the only thing that can decide is YOUR FEET. What ever feels best for them. Even when you are at a shoe store and try on a pair. Doesn't mean by the time you get home you will still be able to wear them.

By accident one day I found these. They are called "DAWGS". They are a thick rubber type shoe. Firm but soft, cushiony feel when you slip into them. This sandal keeps the foot even. Not letting it weigh down one side from the other.

They also have little nubbs that lightly massage the bottom of your feet while you walk. I chose these for the summer time and mostly wear them around the house or if I have to run a quick errand.

What kind of shoes to wear for Foot Pain?


I am not promoting or affiliated with any of these items pictured here. These are my personal experimentations and findings that work for me on relieving foot pain. In hopes that this information can and will help others with the same discomfort.

© 2017 Ramona

How do you take care of your feet?

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