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How to Relieve Stress with Spirituality and/or Religion

Updated on October 14, 2012

Stress is a state of mind. Stress effects the mind and, in turn, effects the body and the spirit.

As whole beings, we consist of 33.3% mind, 33.3% body and 33.3% spirit. Treatment, therefore, is a matter of treating the whole person. If one of the third aspects of the whole person is out of synchronization, it is but common sense to conclude that the rest of the whole person is imbalanced too. This is probably what the term 'holistic' comes from, because it is about the whole - listic point of view.

However, the question is how can we relieve stress? Is having a belief system such as spirituality and/or religion an enabler to stress relief? And, if so, what methods can be used to relieve stress?

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How To Relieve Stress

We have already stated that we need to look at the whole person if we want to relieve stress. We have also identified that stress is a state of mind, so where do we start?

We must, firstly, look at the physical. Is there any pain? If so, where is it? Living with a real physical pain can bring down our coping mechanisms and have an effect on our minds and our spirits, thereby bringing about the effects of stress which, without the pain, would not exist.

Pain is an indication that something is not right and once investigated, simple drug treatments and a positive proactive attitude can help the healing process - so see your G.P.!

Sometimes there maybe physical pain but no known cause. This could be the effect of a troubled mind that help to create a dis-ease. It is a disease because people are not at ease. If a troubled mind is the source of stress, it might be worth your while reading my article: What Is Happiness, so as you might understand why you feel the way you do. In knowledge and identification as to what the cause of your stress is, you can move forward into resolving it.

In conjunction with this, a positive mind shift can help you to see that your glass, indeed, is half full rather than half empty and when you get to this point, coping with stress becomes easier. My article on How To Change A Negative Mind To A Positive One - Tips to Self Awareness, might help.

In order to consolidate the two aspects - mind and body - the third component, the spirit, needs just as much attention. If you don't believe this, you may not find completeness in your life and I suggest that you move away from this page now. An open mind is a wise mind, a closed mind only knows ignorance. This might be fine for you presently, and I hold no judgement on you - you are the best you can be for now, however, the next section is for people who do see themselves as a balance of mind, body and spirit.

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Methods of Coping With Stress with the Aid Of Spirituality and/or Religion

Is having a belief system such as spirituality and/or religion an enabler to stress relief? Many people will say it does. Many people get great comfort from their religion or spiritual teachings, whether it is in 'organised' establishments within Mosques, Churches or Temples, or just by searching their hearts, accepting of all denominations, a sense of peace can be found.

Love melts fear and hatred, like the light of a candle eradicating the darkness. Love relieves stress.

Rituals help people to tune into their hearts. These actions can be found in all religious orders. Whatever denomination, rituals help our mental and physical aspects tune into our spiritual aspect resulting in prayer and meditation. Through meditation people experience instant stress relief. Prayers and meditation are, therefore, thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings help you to feel good and it is this that we all need to work on in order to maintain happiness.

Create the temple in your heart, wherever you are, by consciously tapping into the divine source through prayer, music, meditation or anything that touches your love buttons - instant stress relief at a touch of a thought!

Thoughts create feelings and it is through this you can truly change your life. Whatever organisation that rocks your boat - try them all - and tune yourself into what makes you feel good. Ask yourself... does this feel like love? If it does, go with it, if not, move on to the next love boat until you find the right one for you.

Being on a spiritual journey is one of PERSONAL trials and challenges. The fun is in the seeking and this seeking comes from within. Loving yourself is the key to your personal peace and this can only be found from the truth within. When you have found it, surrender and once you have surrendered to love, you will find peace. Of course, peace is of love, where as stress is a lack of love. It stops you from attaining your goals, where surrender is true acceptance of your reality... your truth!

Find coping mechanisms that make you feel good - favourite music, favourite places and favourite things will bring you joy. Be grateful to God for what you have every day. Live life with loving kindness and it will be through these actions, combined with thoughts and feelings, that stress will be relieved from your life. Find yourself and remember to work on your holy three - mind, body and spirit - it is then that you will maintain perfect harmony. By being your best, you will find your own ways of relieving stress with spirituality and/or religion.

© Shazwellyn 2012 - This work is covered under Creative Commons License

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