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How to Remove Bags From Under the Eyes and Dark Rings Permanently.

Updated on December 14, 2015

Remove bags from under the eyes.

What causes bags under the eyes.

Many different factors can cause the onset of deep bags under the eyes. How to remove the bags from under your eyes is partly dependent upon how they were caused.

Water retention can cause many people of all ages to appear to have the eye bags. These eye bags with young to middle aged people, will appear more prominent in the morning and may usually disappear by the afternoon.

Salty foods over a long period of time will begin to manifest as bags under the eyes. This also applies for an unhealthy diet and a lack of exercise.

Age related bags and dark rings around the eyes are a natural process with aging. As the muscles and ligaments begin to weaken and the skin begins to sag, fat deposits build up beneath the eyes.

Collagen production declines and the skin loses its elasticity and the skin forms the large wrinkled eye bags.

Lack of sleep is a portal to obtaining permanent or semi-permanent dark circles or dark eye bags. Sleep deprivation over a long period of time will inevitably lead to very dark rings or very prominent bags under the eyes.

Hereditary problems can also cause puffy or bloated bags under the eyes.

If your parents have prominent circles or bags, the chances of their children having them rise sharply.

Caffeine and any tobacco related products are bad for a persons health in many ways.

These two products also help increase the chances of getting facial circles and bags.

There are numerous more ways that bags and dark circles as well as puffiness under or around the eyes occur including broken blood vessels, allergies and hyperpigmentation.

An active life, positive sleep pattern, along with a healthy diet will help keep the bags away for a longer period of time. This will also help with naturally reducing the signs of aging.

Permanently remove bags from under the eyes.

Natural remedies for reducing the effect of dark circles and bags under the eyes have been used for generations.

NB: Most will only reduce and not remove facial darkness around the eyes.

The coolness from cucumbers and tea bags have long been associated with helping reduce puffiness of the skin around the eyes. The tea bags should be caffeine free.

Many dermatologists advocate the use of cucumber slices and tea bags as well as many other cooling processes. This can include a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a cloth and placed lightly over the eye area.

Vitamin 'K' is classed as a forgotten mineral. It helps with many afflictions and also helps prevent blood clotting. If your eye bags are caused by ruptured blood vessels, then being deficient in vitamin 'K' may be a cause.

Eye Masks

Twin use eye masks can aid in a restful nights sleep and also help reduce bloating and puffiness.

Although the cooling use of the eye mask is just as good as a packet of frozen peas, the total darkness through the night when asleep will aid with sleeping patterns.

Many night-time workers use eye masks for a better daytime sleep prior to their night shift commencing.

The coolness of a compression helps to restrict blood vessels, reducing any swelling, but will not permanently remove age related bags.


Adding an extra pillow under your head at night can assist in reducing the puffiness most mornings. This will usually work for younger to middle aged people whom may have water retention problems.

This along with a cool compress on each eye for approximately 10 - 15 minutes every day will help with the reduction of any bags under the eye.

This method usually pertains to those bags caused by water retention.

Filler Injections


Cosmetic surgeons can inject a botox or filler solution around the tear troughs. Injections for the eye bags involves many small injections into the area, with massaging and other hand techniques to ensure a good result

Surgical eye bag removal in this manner takes approximately 10 - 20 minutes to complete and can last for between 12 - 18 months.

The prospective patient may require additional 'top-ups' over time to help with reducing the size of the eye bags and discoloring.

Advantages of non-surgical eye bag removal:

* No surgical scarring

* No hospitalization

* Natural looking results

* No time off work

Disadvantages of non-surgical eye bag removal:

* 1 in 20,000 have hypersensitivity reactions

* Non permanent, requires occasional 'top-ups'.

Swelling can takes to recede
Swelling can takes to recede


Eyebag surgery (still cosmetic surgery) is a more permanent solution to facial defects.

Companies such as Transform and Spire Cosmetic Surgery lead the market in eyelid and eye bag removal techniques.

Blepharoplasty is the operation carried out on the eyelids.

This procedure removes excess fat, skin and muscle from around the eyes. The scar will be on the inside of the eyelid and will not be noticed.

Procedures take approximately 1 - 2 hours and an overnight stay in a hospital may be required.

As with all medical procedures there are certain risks involved and each patient will be informed of any possible side effects.


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