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How to Resist Synthetic Anger

Updated on October 29, 2010

Resisting Fake Feelings

Can ANY human thought/emotion be stimulated from the outside these days? DEFINITELY. Now, the source isn't as important as the method I've developed for stopping undesirable aggressive thoughts.

These days, our society is in the process of separating "good people" from "bad people". On one side, youv'e got this ubiquitous force trying to get us to think/do all these bad things. On the other side is a force that will punish you for these bad thoughts/ actions. They regard your inability to supress these impulses as BAD PERSON and proceed to kick the psychic crap out of you. If you get sufficiently traumatized by these mind-games/pain weapons, you lose control of your head and with the level and intensity of these synthetic messages, the thing we call your "soul" winks out and you begin to take these false messages as reality. Now - if you LOSE like this, everything you think and feel will from that time forward be dictated by an outside source........the one that tells you to do bad things.

Unfortunately, most people have drowned in this "sea" of electromagnetic thoughts/feelings. If you still can think for yourself, you must learn to keep the doorways in your nervous systems closed to: violence and sex primarily. That's how people are either trained or "killed" - the one's who are open to sexual/violent thoughts will think these thoughts when stimulated to do so. These aren't your run of the mill sex/violent impulses, they are crafted to really freak you out. THEN you get physical punishment from the other side for ALLOWING this EXTERNAL-STIMULATION to get in which makes you feel weak and unable to think for yourself. You ping from one side to the other and your mind gets really bruised in the process. The Dark side collects what's left of you after your tortured soul gives up on itself.

Those who are able to restrain their desires for sex and violence will have their neurological "gateways" closed so that these thoughts do not get in. They learn to be more peaceful and less sexual. It also seems to make them smarter and psychic in some sort of weird way. They go on to be paragons of what it is to be right by their own will. These people honestly ask me why I am so stupid as to commit any sin whatsoever. All I can tell you all is that I'm really imperfect and miss absolute freedom. I repent for anything bad that I allow myself to think, even if I KNOW it came from an outside source.

Now, BOTH the "Light" side people and the "Dark" side people aren't allowed to harm you physically. They kill your mind by telling you things only you could know and over-exaggerating the ugliness of your sin. All of our FREE MINDS are on display for people who have (one way or the other) integrated into this system. Keep your mind free of sexual/violent thoughts and nothing happens. Indulge in such thinking and the Dark Side sends you more intense thoughts that specifically would disturb your mind/ make you feel guilty and un-worthy of yourself.  It's like having an opening for these synthetic thoughts by thinking in these ways.  I often think MY OWN sexual thoughts and "hang up the phone" when they try and slip my mind "the Bad stuff".  You've got to be really tricky to become "cold" so quickly.  Overrall, I'm less sexually-driven......but I cannot be caught in any of the "traps" laid for me by this very tightly-organized group.   Life is better now.

This is a dangerous situation and I'm just some lucky guy that they just can't "kill". My advice to those who might not have this gift is this: close all neurological pathways to sin. If you are going to sin, do it on your own and then pray for forgiveness. Always repent for anything that is a Biblical sin. I have a very, very strong feeling that our government is fulfilling Biblical Prophecy (Armageddon included). This "push you/punish you" system of conviction is a tough gauntlet to run without being brainwashed. You must know how DANGEROUS this is and avoid getting labeled BAD.

One way to resist "fake rage" is to imagine yourself as having tremendously thick skin that reflects/absorbs energy.  It feels like energy trying to "lash out" usually at the people you love the most.  I simply imagine different types of skin for my body that absorb/reflect this energy where it won't hurt me or anyone else.  Imagining yourself shining a bright healing light on someone when you feel this way will also counteract the synthetic malevolence.  Maybe doing the work of IMAGINING ANYTHING ELSE takes up so many of the minds' circuits that the fake bad feeling cannot imprint itself upon your consciousness.  It takes effort, but having more control over your feelings feels good.       


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