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How to Save Money and Score Big Clearance Discounts on doTERRA Essential Oils

Updated on March 3, 2016

Why Buy doTERRA Oil?

Essential oils are becoming more and more popular lately. This is because they have a multitude of health benefits while being a natural product. As with other popular products, more and more brands are emerging on the market each day and there are some which are much cheaper than others. doTerra essential oils are some of the pricier oils on the market, but for good reason. They are 100% natural and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. When considering a product that you will use to treat the safety of your home, yourself, and your children, you do not want to take risks with purchasing inferior products.

I am not a doctor and I do not work for the doTerra company, although I have become a "Wellness Advocate" for the discounts. I am just a mom who really enjoys these products, but can not afford to pay retail prices for them. For that reason, I have determined the way that I can get these products for the cheapest way possible and I am excited to share the information with all of you.

The Value (or Not) of Buying Collections

doTerra offers several "kits" or "collections". There are 2 major questions to ask yourself when looking into the kits:

  1. Will you use all of the oils in the kit? I would strongly encourage you to look into the remedies and solutions that you will likely use oils for and then make a list of which essential oils you need. If it turns out that you will not need several of the oils in the "kits" or if you need a lot of oils not provided in the kit, then you will likely not save any money by purchasing a kit or collection.
  2. Will you use more than 5 ml of oil? A lot of the basic kits include 5ml sizes of the oils. When you consider what 1/3 of the price is of the 15ml bottles, the kit prices (per ml) are more expensive then if you were to purchase the 15ml sizes of each oil. For example, the retail price of the Family Physician Kit is $166.67, however, if you add up what 5ml of each oil would cost if purchased individually, the price only totals $152.55. However, you cannot buy 5ml sizes of each bottle, so you would need to spend more to get the 15ml bottles. If you only think you will use 5ml of each size, then the kits are great because you cannot buy that size on its own for most of the oils.

Which Essential Oil Accessories and Additives Can Be Purchased Elsewhere?

While I strongly believe in purchasing the doTerra Essential Oils to ensure the quality of your oils, there are several accessories, carrier oils, and additives that you may want to purchase elsewhere.

  1. Diffusers- Using oils aromatically affects mood, cleanses air, and opens airways. doTerra sells an Aroma Lite diffuser for $119.93, the Lotus Diffuser for $119.93, and the Petal Diffuser for $62.66. There are plenty of good quality diffusers on the market that are not the doTerra brand. For example, there are many top rated diffusers on Amazon for between $30 and $50.
  2. Carrier Oils- When using essential oils topically, it is often recommended to use a carrier oil to extend and dilute the usage of the essential oils. It can also be harmful to directly apply an essential oil without the use of a carrier oil (see usage guides). For certain recipes, you can utilize oils around the house such as olive oil, vegetable oil, etc to save you the most money. The carrier oil most strongly recommended on the doTerra website is their Fractionated Coconut Oil which retails for $16.00 for 3.8 ounces. However, you can purchase several great brands of Fractionated Coconut Oil at your local health or natural food store. For example, you can purchase the Majestic Pure brand for $12.99 for 16 ounces. That makes it $0.81/ounce as opposed to $4.21/ounce for the doTerra brand.
  3. Wooden organizer boxes, roller bottles, key chains, necklaces, etc- doTerra makes great versions of these products, but you can also look around for better prices at health food stores and large retailers. Be sure when purchasing containers that you look for products like wood and glass as some oils can eat through plastic or interact oddly with certain materials.

What is your involvement with doTERRA Oils?

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Which Products Can You Replace by Using doTERRA Around the House?

The doTerra company has a blog that is filled with all sorts of recipes and home solutions that you can make by using their oils. If you do your research and commit to using oils to replace certain products around the house, you can save money while making your home cleaner and more natural. Some of the items you can make include: lip balm, fabric softener, soothing salve, foot lotion, body wash, bath bomb, all purpose spray, bathroom cleaner, kids soap, sugar scrub, mouthwash, body butter, hair conditioner, hand cleanser, deodorant, cologne, wood polish, dry shampoo, cleansing wipes, bubble bath, glass cleanser, and many many food recipes. Not all products that you make with oils will be cheaper than store bought, but many will be. If you really want to determine whether or not you will be saving money, do a breakdown for the product you intend to replace using oils.

For example, I enjoy using dry shampoo to extend my time between washes. The recipe includes arrowroot powder and 6 drops of essential oil. To price out this "recipe" comes to about $3.00. This is not much cheaper than a container in a big box store, however, this is cheaper than if you purchase from a natural foods store or specialty beauty store. Additionally, it can help justify having extra oils around the house that you may use in other recipes.

As mentioned previously, it would be helpful to make a list of all recipes and solutions that you intend to use the oil for and seeing exactly what you will need and what the associated cost will be.

Visit this page to see a full list of doTerra recipes. Also, follow the blog for new ideas and recipes.

Is a Wholesale Wellness Membership Right for You?

There are many perks to joining doTerra and enrolling in the Wellness Membership program. For starters, you get 25% off retail prices. The initial cost of a yearly membership is $35, so if you plan to purchase at least $140 worth of products in the year, the membership will pay for itself. In addition to the discount, you receive an additional discount of 10%-30% for purchasing a product each month (months 1-3= 10% off, months 4-6=15% off, months 7-9= 20% off, months 10-12= 25% off, months 13+ = 30% off). Additionally, you receive the cost of your shipping back in points, which are redeemable for free products in a future purchase. If you place a monthly order over 125 PV you will receive a free product of the month.

I have a friend who is interested in purchasing the Melissa oil. This is the most expensive oil at a retail cost of $153.33. If my friend purchased the Wholesale Wellness Membership the first month and also purchased that oil within the month, she would spend $35 (membership) + $103.50 (cost of Melissa X 25% off X 10% off)= $138.50. Additionally, she would receive 115 PV, so if she ordered a product worth 10 PV (like Lemon or Lemongrass), she would also receive the product of the month for free. Sometimes these products of the month are a really expensive oil, like Frankincense which has a $93 value. This example may seem unrealistic for many since I was using the most expensive oil. However, you can think of it similarly if you were to purchase a group of products for $150+.

The Wholesale Wellness Membership also allows you to set up a personal website and earn bonuses for referring friends to use doTerra and order through your site.

For more information on memberships, visit the Join and Save page.

doTERRA Monthly Product Promotions, 10% Off Coupons, and Special Offers

The doTERRA site has a Special Offers section. This section is comprised of product promotions and other deals. Each month, doTerra will put one product for a 10% discount. Depending on the original cost of the product, this can be a rather large savings. This section also has a "While Supplies Last" area where you can find seasonal, limited offer, and discounted items.

Free Product Promotions for Large Orders

In addition to the monthly discount product promotions, doTERRA often offers free products if you spend over a certain threshold in a single order. Here are some examples of recent promotions:

December 2015: Earn a free 15oz Frankincense (worth $93.00) by placing any single 200 PV order

September 2015: Earn a free 10 ml roll-on of Immortelle Anti-Aging blend ($97.67 retail) by placing any single 200 PV order

June 2015: Earn a free Sunsational Flavors Kit (Spearmint, Cumin, Tangerine, and Dill) by placing any single 200 PV order

March 2016 doTerra Promotion- No Code Needed

Earn a FREE 5 mL Deep Blue and Deep Blue Rub ($81.67 retail value) by placing ANY single 200 PV order from March 1 through March 31, 2016.

Additionally, if you are a Loyalty Rewards Member and place an order of at least 125 PV before March 15, you will receive a free 15 mL Wild Orange oil.

Limited Time Enrollment Offers

Several times a year, doTERRA will offer a special promotion for signing up as a Wellness Advocate. If you are already planning to enroll or if you want to get friends and family involved, taking advantage of these promotions can score you a bunch of free products. Here are some examples of past promotions offered:

November 2015: If you enrolled in November 2015 and placed an initial purchase worth 100 PV and then placed an additional order of at least 100 PV in December 2015, you would receive a bonus Essential Livelong Vitality Supplement Pack which retails for $106.00. Additionally, if you ordered an extra 25 PV those months (to total 125 PV monthly), you would have received 2 extra product of the months.

October 2015: If you enrolled in October 2015 and placed an initial purchase worth 100 PV and then placed an additional order of at least 100 PV in November 2015, you would receive one free OnGuard Softgels and one free DigestZen Softgels.

May 2015: If you enrolled in May 2015 and placed an initial purchase worth 100 PV, you got an extra 50 product credits to use for free products.

See the link in the section above to the "Join and Save Page" to enroll.

Summary of Discounts

Here is a summary of all of the money-saving options listed above:

  1. Determine whether or not to buy collections/kits
  2. Decide which accessories and additives can be purchased elsewhere
  3. Research which household solutions and products you can replace with oil recipes and calculate associated cost savings
  4. Choose whether or not to enroll as a Wellness Advocate
  5. Check out doTerra product discounts and special promotions
  6. Look for monthly free product promotions on large orders
  7. Watch for Limited Time enrollment offers

Watch The Discounts Add Up!

Enroll as a Wellness Advocate
25% off all products
Every order for length of enrollment
Place order as Wellness Advocate
Free Shipping (in the form of product points to use on future orders)
Every order for length of enrollment
Loyalty Rewards
10% off (months 1-3)
Every order (must be enrolled as Wellness Advocate)
15% off (months 4-6)
20% off (months 7-9)
25% off (months 10-12)
30% off (months 13+)
Place an order of 125 PV in a single month
Free Product of the Month
Every month (must be enrolled as a Wellness Advocate)
Order Product of the Month
10% off Product
Every month (product is different each month)
Place a single order of 200+ PV
Free Product
Only offered on certain months
Enroll following specific terms
Free Product
Only offered on certain months

doTerra Savings Feedback and Testimonials

I hope you've found this article helpful in your pursuit of discounted doTerra oils. Please feel free to suggest alternate ways to save and comment on how the products have worked for you. I know that the product that got me involved is the Deep Blue Rub. I love it!


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