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How to Save Your Children From Electronic Harassment

Updated on November 7, 2010

My Wish


My Wish

Little "Katie" was but two years old. She wasn't like the other kids. Each night her ears rang. This caused horrific pictures to form in her mind's eye that tore at her tiny little soul. One night, her Daddy saw her suffering like this and recognized what she was going through. He placed headphones over her ears and played loud music that she was used to hearing around their home. She couldn't hear the horrible sounds the ugly pictures in her mind disappeared and she became aware that her Daddy was holding her tight and these "monsters" couldn't get at her anymore. Finally, her screaming stopped.

When she went to daycare, the kids and even those given the job of protecting her did things to hurt her feelings. They put her blanket way up on this fence so she would feel unprotected. There were those awful sounds again, but the songs she had heard allowed her to "sing them in her mind" to shut these sounds out that made her feel very afraid of the other children. This allowed her to preserve her individual personality. At times, she felt this slimy, black, INHUMAN thing trying desperately to get inside her head. By now, she had learned to find other things to listen to. These things were Pure Evil in the form of nasty thoughts that could get in through people's ears. Her Parent's taught her the name of God, which made these things go away. She would say: "In the name of Jehovah/Yahweh/Elohim, I cast you out of my "house"...........then it would leave her alone. She would learn to "shut out the flood" of toxic mental-patterns.

See, someone or something TRIED to tear my mind apart with these "noises" when I was a child. Me and my mom met people that didn't seem like they were really themselves. Your head hurt, your brain hurt, your ears rang...........but I forgot all about these things. I came to believe in "normal reality". People around me still often made me feel extremely uncomfortable and I felt this force pulling at my outer body to FORCE it to make certain facial expressions. To prevent this, I held my face in one position so that whatever-this-is could not control me. When I "escaped" High School, I drank to destroy this "stay away" feeling that felt like a warning. The problem seemed to go away.........

While I was doing post-grad work at UNL, I noticed that there were hardly any people just out being was REALLY WEIRD. People were there, but it was like the people inside had gone somewhere else. Is there anyone else out there who has been able to watch the DEHUMANIZATION of our country? That noise is everywhere now, unless you protect your ears. It CAN be tuned by listening for the "Salvation Code" buried in this energy.............but it took me most of my life to #1. Become aware that this "mental invasion" was real #2. Find countermeasures and #3. "Listen Upwards" for that "safety rope sound".

Whatever-this-is has bullied it's way into most people's minds and created some kind of "electronic community" where what people do and feel is being controlled from the OUTSIDE. Those who are in thr "grip of the machine" need to break free of it's hold and learn to protect themselves AND THEIR CHILDREN from it. My child has "integrated", but seems to be capable of learning how to think for herself. I exist within the tiny void between thinking "everything is REAL BAD" and "everything is ABSOLUTELY FINE". If you have kids and they scream and hold their ears and seem to be in some far-away place, PROTECT HEIR EARS WITH LOUD MUSIC (or earplugs)(or both). If your child is uncomfortable around other children, KEEP THEM AWAY FROM OTHERS and out of public institutions. Forget it, practically everywhere has been "overrun" by this "electronic control phenomenon. Play Opera music for your infants because THAT is what the"Salvation Frequency" sounds like. They'll learn to INTERPRET THE ENERGY RIGHT.

This is serious...........and no one says much of anything about it. Someone has used electronic torture methods to try and stop me from telling you this. I've had guns pointed at me and some close scrapes with being "possessed by this "American Voodoo". Protect YOURSELF and YOUR KIDS. I think that if you could get a "member" in an electronically-shielded might be possible to DEPROGRAM them. Just stay alive inside, don't chase after anything that this world has to offer because it ISN'T WORTH YOUR SOUL and make PROTECTING YOUR LOVED ONE'S PRIORITY#1!


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    • ArtzGirl profile image


      6 years ago from San Diego

      Hi there,

      Good article on this topic. It is so sad to see the bullying that is going on now. Hard to imagine this aimed at children.

      I just finished a hub page article that you may like. It has some interesting video links that explain the electronic harassment that is going on in the world today.

    • profile image

      charles w. 

      6 years ago

      i'm with maria on that cause then we could prove it is in us or maybe even use to get what is in us out

    • MOEFLATS profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      So far, the best advice I can give you is to go to LESSEMF.COM. We can block these fake messages with very loud music. The drugs: Clonopin, Zoloft and Abilify keep out the "psychic invasion" aspect of this harassment. You can use your imagination to create ever-changing imagery to take up circuits otherwise used to torture you. Read my other articles.......they'll really help you out!

    • profile image

      maria perez 

      8 years ago

      where we can get the same weapons that these people use?


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