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How to Set Realistic Goals For Your Health

Updated on February 1, 2012

Want a Healthy Life?

Have you ever wanted to get fit every single time a new year arrives? It is common for all of us to want to achieve a lot of things or do many things or even set goals for the year during the beginning of the year. This is actually normal as a human being. Though it is not worth the time for you to set and write or list down every single goals when at the end of the day you do not achieve them year after year. All of us like to set certain goals for ourselves regardless of age or our family background. Most of the goals for the majority of us is about keeping fit, staying fit throughout the year. Why? Because it is the most difficult thing or goal to achieve especially when there are so much of delicious food around the world. Besides, we can't help it as we love to eat too.

So, what is all the fuss about staying fit? Who would not want or like to keep fit? If you would to ask anyone just about anyone, they would definitely answer you it is because we all like to look good. Now, ask yourself this, who do not like to look good? Which guy or lady do not like to look good, look young, look beautiful, pretty or a handsome hunk? Everyone likes the idea but it is not easy for them to materialize this fantastic idea of looking good and great.

Are you a determined person? Do you have perseverance?

Many people like the idea of looking good but when it comes to how to reach the goal, it is a total new ball game altogether. As like the saying goes: no pain no gain. Yet not many people realize that it is not only about the pain or sacrifices you need to make in staying fit but also the discipline one needs to achieve it. Moreover, a determined person would definitely achieve his or her goals more easily as they are determined to just do it till they achieve a certain goal. Besides that, a person with perseverance would definitely be able to maintain a healthy fit life at a shorter time compared to someone who is not discipline. With experience, I would say determination and perseverance goes hand in hand.

So you need to set your goals as realistic as possible by not putting such short time frame for you to achieve a certain goal. For example, would you be able to have a 6 packs stomach or body line within 6 months when you could only head to the gym like once a week? Definitely not and why not? It is because it would definitely not be possible even for an ex personal coach who has a big tummy to achieve that within that given time frame and workout.

It is not only important to set a realistic goal, but the food we eat is also vital. You are what you eat is true as whatever we intake into our body it would be used and processed by our body system. That said it makes sense when someone keeps eating potatoes, fries or chips would look like a potato since fries and chips are made of potatoes wouldn't it? The same as when we take in oily food, we would definitely have more fats whether healthy fats or oily fats. Take a while to think what you really want to achieve, be true to yourself. This way you would not set too unrealistic or dreamy goals that is not possible for any human being but only robots maybe. All the best in staying fit to look good and feel good!


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