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How to Settle Well in a Brand New City!

Updated on August 27, 2017
SkylarWong profile image

Skylar is a free-spirited, creative writer who loves music, nature, cats, and lemonade. She is new to London and enjoys speaking French!

Moving to London!

Guess what? I have moved from Toronto to London! No, not London, England. Sorry to break your bubble. There is a town in Canada also named London, in the province of Ontario! It is a sweet little town that is slowly getting more populated and turning into a small city.

Moving is never easy. Not only do you have to pack and unpack mountains and mountains of boxes, you also have to adjust to a new area and find your way. But most people's concern is losing their old friends and having to try to make new ones.

Let me make it easy for you... Follow my tips and you will settle into your new town or city in NO TIME!!!

3 Tips on How to Settle Well in Your New Home

First off, some tips on how to settle into your new home. Whether it is an apartment, house, or rental, here are three easy ways:

1.) Decorate the house with familiar items. After all the boxes are unpacked, take time to decorate your new home. Having plain white walls around you all the time will just make you feel trapped or isolated. Use some souvenirs from your previous city to make your home feel like one!

2) Tour your own home and rest in each room. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle, especially if you moved into a bigger place, you will have trouble adjusting to where things are. Spend a good 15 minutes "touring" your home and just familiarize yourself. Meditate and breathe in the new space.

3) Clean, clean, clean! Nothing feels less homey than a messy apartment. If you slowly clean more and more, you will feel less cluttered day by day and adjust better. Enjoy cleaning time by putting on some happy music from Youtube! Cleaning doesn't always have to be a drag!

Make Your Home Yours! Clean it!

A clean house makes you feel more at home.  Settle in, decorate, and clean with some music on!
A clean house makes you feel more at home. Settle in, decorate, and clean with some music on!

3 Tips for Getting To Know Your Area!

Getting to know your area is not always simple, even with Google Maps. But exploring the city is better than just moping at home all the time! Here are some tips to get you out and about!

1) Take walks regularly around your area. Not only does this help you stay healthy, it helps you familiarize with the roads and paths around your area. Maybe you will find a shortcut or a nice park! Or maybe meet some friendly neighbours!

2) Ask questions to find your way. Relying on Google all the time doesn't help you as much as asking locals where things are! Your brain memorizes things better if you speak it out, so save your phone data and ask the bus driver instead! Google isn't always correct anyways!

3) Try biking to work! When driving, oftentimes your eyes are on the cars around you. But when biking, you can experience more of the sights around you, and then you can feel like the city is more interesting! Not to mention, you might be able to find more of nature's gems.

Biking Can Help You Explore the City!

New cities need to be discovered.  Instead of rotting at home, go for a bike ride and familiarize yourself with your surroundings!
New cities need to be discovered. Instead of rotting at home, go for a bike ride and familiarize yourself with your surroundings!

3 Tips For Making New Friends!

Now for the hardest part: making new friends! For sure you can keep in touch with old friends, but sometimes you will want to go out for a beer or coffee with people in your own town or city! Don't stay at home feeling isolated! Use these tips to meet new people.

1) Join a Meetup group. There may be Meetup groups (see and Facebook groups designed for meeting new friends in your town. Don't be afraid to meet random people, as long as you are meeting in a public place! Things can get fun fast, and you will be able to find potential lasting friendships.

2) Talk with people at work. No matter what job you are at, there is always a chance to meet friends at work. Ask your coworkers if you can go out for a coffee with them, or add them on Facebook! You will be surprised that most of the time, they are looking for a friend in you too!

3) Delve yourself in your hobbies! Hobbies are one of the best ways to meet friends. Do you play hockey? Join a hockey team. Enjoy Zumba? Join a class. Like to paint? Go to PaintNite. There are endless possibilities waiting for you! Make a new friend even faster by sharing the same interests!

Make New Friends.

What is life without friends? Make sure to put this as a priority: to meet new friends in your new city!
What is life without friends? Make sure to put this as a priority: to meet new friends in your new city!

Advice on Moving to a New City!

Where do you live? (Not trying to stalk)

What type of city do you live in?

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© 2017 Skylar Wong


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