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How to Sleep Better Using Essential Oils

Updated on March 19, 2016

Oils . . . really?

Having grown up in the great Pacific Northwest, I am no stranger to natural and homeopathic remedies. Since my nascent years, I have been surrounded by people rubbing in this ointment, or adding that herb to recipes for the perceived benefits they may proffer. Yet, it took some time in central New York, outside of my hippy-dippy origins, to take seriously the notion that essential oils might be beneficial in my every day existence.


Purchasing on a Prayer

There were many "ailments" I was hoping to cure when I started researching essential oils. Headaches, mental fogginess, muscle aches, memory loss, and night time restlessness were top priority. I researched several different brands of essential oils and chose what seemed to be a high-quality brand that was also fairly priced. I ordered Eden's Garden brand oils (; purchasing 15 oils total from them.

I was purchasing on a prayer because I plunked down approximately $100 for oils (and an accompanying diffuser) not certain that they would be effective. Thankfully, my prayers were answered!

Quick Tip

Avoid adding too many drops of essential oil into your diffuser. The goal is to relax, not to become nauseated by overpowering aroma! A good rule of thumb is 2 drops per 100ml of water.


When it comes to sleeping, well, I haven't slept this well in ages! The best way to utilize these oils is to diffuse them into the air using an essential oil diffuser. The most effective oils for calming down both my mental and physical restlessness have been a combination of Lavender, Cedar Wood, Wild Orange, and (sometimes) a synergy blend called Hope.

Beginning to diffuse the oils 30 minutes before bedtime allows the aroma to fill the room. I find that I am able to relax quicker, and stay sleeping longer if I diffuse the oils throughout the night. It did take me a few nights to find the blend and intensity that really seemed to relax me, but once I did, I snoozed and snoozed.

When diffusing essential oils, make sure to find both good quality oils AND a good quality diffuser. The oils I use are 100% therapeutic grade, and do not contain any additives. The diffuser I use has a capacity of 300ml, puts out a generous amount of mist, and mists for approximately 6 hours if filled to capacity.

If you are skeptical of the benefits of aromatherapy in aiding sleep, I would encourage you--one skeptic to another--to try diffusing essential oils. See if it makes a difference for you, too!

Please comment below with any essential oil blends/recipes that help you catch (and keep) those Zzzzs!


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    • Julia Danielle profile image

      Julia Danielle 2 years ago from New York State

      I tried to diffuse just lavender and I found it to irritate my sinus area for some reason. But I love using a drop or two of lavender along with other oils. And I love putting lavender in my home made liquid soaps. :)

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 2 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      I use lavender for sleeping. But I put it in my diffuser for 4-5 hours during the evening. It is also wonderful in a hot bath.