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How to Sleep Better at Night in Noisy Neighbours

Updated on March 15, 2012

The idea for this hub came after seeing something on amazon that got my attention. And it might be interesting for you too if you have trouble sleeping at night due to external noises.

Apparently there are something called white noise machines that you can buy on amazon. These machines are also called sound conditioners and they create soothing sounds that make it very easy to relax and go to sleep. It might be something to try out if you are living in a place where outside noises give you trouble sleeping at night. Or if you are traveling a lot, then this could help you create the atmosphere that you require to have a deep sleep.

I would love to try one of these machines in my student corridor as my neighbours are partying almost every night and it is close to impossible to sleep.

The one I have been checking out at amazon is called the Marpac sound conditioner and it is very popular among the amazon consumers. Take a look below..

How does a White Noise Sleep Machine Work?

Sound conditioners are recommended for restless sleepers, people who work shift, infants, children, students (like me :)), and office workers who want to get better sleep at night.

The machine works by creating sounds that block out unwanted noise and it creates an atmosphere that is relaxing and easy to sleep to. The sound that it creates is called white noise and these machines have (apparently) existed since the 60s.

The white noise that it creates sounds just like a smooth version of rushing air. Watch the video below to listen to how it sounds.

Pretty interesting don't you think?

There are probably more models of these sleep aids, go to and see what you can find.


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