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How to Soak Feet in Hot Water in a Correct Way

Updated on November 1, 2011
how to soak feet in hot water in a correct way
how to soak feet in hot water in a correct way

How to soak feet in hot water in a correct way

There is an interesting saying among people that soaking feet in hot water is comparable to eating ginseng. Rich people eat supplements, poor people soak feet. The saying is reasonable from scientific perspective. The modern scientific research proves that there are reflex correspondent zones on our two feet to different organs in our body, the reflex zones can be stimulated when soaking our feet. It improves blood circulation, adjusts endocrine system and improves the functions of our organs. Whether you are rich or poor, soaking feet has always been a great health protection method. But you have to soak feet in a right way to get its benefits, including water temperature and soaking time, all have the best standard.

The best soaking time: about 30 minutes

Many people like to soak feet from hot water till it cools down, or even adding hot water non-stop for one to two hours, this is wrong. The soaking time should be between 30 to 45 minutes, every or every other day as a frequency. Special attention to old people: soaking time should be shorter, because old people can sweat if soak for too long and it easily cause symptoms like sweating and cardio palmus. The best time for old people should be 20 minutes.

The best temperature: 133 degree fahrenheit

The temperature of soaking water should not be too high or too low, it should be between 126 to 136 degree fahrenheit. You can put your feet into 126 degree fahrenheit of water and let the temperature slowly rise to 136 degree fahrenheit to keep the water temperature. When soaking, the water level should be above ankle and often rub with your hands. Patients of diabetes should pay attention because the skin is not sensitive to the outside, too hot water can hurt the skin.

The best time for soaking: 9 PM

The reason for choosing this time is because it is the time when blood circulation is not active enough and so it is good for blood circulation and body heat rise. After a nervous and tiresome day, it is good to adjust and relax through soaking feet. People feel comfortable this way. Refrain from soaking feet under too full or too hungry condition, half an hour after meal is not good for soaking feet since it affects the blood supply to the stomach.

The people who are not fit for soaking feet

Healthy people soak feet or hot spring with no problem. For example, patients of heart disease , lung and heart incompetence, low blood pressure, people who often get dizzy are all not fit for soaking feet in hot water or hot spring. Soaking in hot water can make blood circulate under skin and tend to cause lack of oxygen of the major organs like heart and brain.


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