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How to Speed up Weight Loss with Your Diet

Updated on September 11, 2012

Help kick your diet into high Gear with these tips

Losing weight is a lifelong journey. A diet is a temporary fix for a long-term lifestyle change and in order to keep the weight off we have to re-learn our eating habits. We can ride the diet roller coaster for the rest of ourlives, and honestly most of us probably will do that for some time. Some people will have better success than others, regardless of what diet they are on. Those people follow certain rules that help them get the weight off faster, and keep it off. Many people find what works for them by trying different diets and adapting the diet to what works for them. Regardless of what 'diet' or 'lifestyle changes' you have chosen to follow, there are some simple rules to speed up your weight loss and keep it off.


1. Avoid carbs during your last meal. This is something that has helped many dieters avoid nighttime snacking. I believe that carbohydrates (healthy ones) are a very important part of a healthy lifestyle, however carbs can equal more hunger. So if night time snacking is a problem for you then avoid those carbs during dinner.

2. Exercise early in the day. Not only is it proven that people who exercise in the morning hours are more likely to keep the habit, but the benefits stretch beyond that. People who exercise in the AM tend to have better sleeping patterns than those who exercise in the evening. So get up early and get moving!

3. Forgive yourself for messing up. It is one thing to slip up, but it is another to beat yourself up so badly that you completely fall off the wagon. Many people cheat on diets and successfully lose weight. The key is sticking to your plan as much as possible, then forgiving yourself for the times that you do mess up. Always hop right back on the diet, whether it is a meal, day, or week mess up; you can easily restore the habits you have learned.


4. Make sure you are getting ENOUGH food. People will stop losing weight if
their calorie intake is too low. The body will hold onto fat and go into what
is called 'starvation mode'. I remember a Weight Watcher's leader once told me
that she ate all of her weekly allotted points (Weight Watchers points are
calculated by using fat, fiber, protein and carbohydrates) every week because on
the weeks that she didn't eat them she didn't lose as much weight. Make sure
your body is getting adequate nutrition and calories during your weight loss journey.

5. Buddy up! Join forces with a friend that wants to lose weight. Go to a
support group, make a facebook group, or just call up a friend and ask them to
join you while you lose weight. This is very motivating, not only will you be
accountable to yourself, but you will have someone else you are accountable to
as well.

Give it time

Remember that losing weight is not going to happen overnight, but with the right tools and mindset, the above tips can help you speed up your weight loss and reach your goal much sooner.

Riding the Diet Rollercoaster

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