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How to Stay Calm & Positive During Pregnancy & Labor

Updated on September 21, 2011

I'm sure you've heard the countless horror stories from friends and family about pregnancy and childbirth. But I'm sure you've also heard the positive stories about bringing a little one into the world. Concern becomes an unproductive fear, potentially paralyzing you from making productive decisions or enjoying your pregnancy. It is essential to stay calm and positive when pregnant and in labour, for the good of the baby and yourself.

Here are 5 simple tips for staying positive:

Go With the Flow

Stop thinking of labor as something that happens to you unnaturally. Laboring is natural and both your body and baby know what needs to be done. Trust your body and know that everything will turn out fine. And remember, millions of women have done this before, and in a lot of cases, multiple times! They wouldn't have done it again and again if it was that bad!

Don't fight it

Don't fight the work of your body, let it happen and work with it to the best of your ability. You may not be in control of the process of labor, but you have many options for ways to respond. Don't be a hero - if you need pain relief, ask for it. It won't make you a bad mother if you take what is offered. There was a reason these things were invented!

Keep your eye on the prize

Consider your attitudes about childbirth. Remember back to the days when you first felt excited about your baby and ask yourself where these feelings came from. Why did you feel the way your did? Focus on something positive, for example a baby jumper or an ultrasound image for motivation. Remember what's coming - your beautiful bundle!

Educate yourself

I found the more I learned what was going to happen during labour and birth, the more at ease I was. Learning what to expect from all types of labor can help reduce those fears. Don't just educate yourself on one type of birth - keep an open mind.

Create a safe haven

Help yourself to create a safe and happy atmosphere. Use a birth plan to work with your caregivers to make the best decisions possible before labour begins, and continue that relationship in labor. Ask yourself what soothes you, for example, music, massage, meditation, a bath or shower, or even laughter with friends or family.

Famous Midwife Ina May Gaskin


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