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How to Stay Cool During Summer

Updated on July 8, 2014

You just step outside your door and you could not take the hotness of the sun rays as it touches your skin. You have decided to go back inside the house and you feel like you’re in an oven toaster. Never worry! Keep yourself cool even without an air conditioner. The following ways can help you stay cool and refreshed to avoid the possibility of heat related conditions such as dehydration and heat stroke.

  • Drink plenty of water. As the number one rule, drinking adequate amount of water prevents you from dehydration and helps you restore the pH balance in your body since you sweat more during summer days. Always bring with you a bottle of mineral water anywhere you go.
  • If you do not have air conditioner at home, just close your window curtains or blinds especially in the afternoon where it face the sun.
  • Take cool showers in the morning and night rather than hot ones to keep your skin feeling cool, refreshed and makes you feel comfortable when sleeping at night.
  • Take some ice blocks and wrap them up in a wet towel or use some ice pack to help you cool down a little bit.
  • Eat a bunch of ice creams!
  • When there is a need to go out, just wear light- colored clothes and not to wear heavy ones. Cotton materials helps absorb sweat and will evaporate which cause you to feel a little cooler. And those light- colored clothes will reflect the radiation of the sun.
  • Always wear lotion with high SPF to avoid you from getting sunburn. This will keep you safe from sun’s radiation for an hour or two.
  • Wear a hat, cap, or even umbrella when you go outside.
  • Stay in the shaded area as much as possible when you are out. Waiting sheds or trees are good places in case you are waiting for something or someone.
  • Go swimming! Have a dip even just for a while but be sure to wear sunscreen before you jump in the pool. If you don’t have one, make use of a portable swimming pool, or sitting in a bath tub with cool water will do the work. You can play music to help you relax your mind as well.
  • Switch hairstyles appropriate for summer season. I’m talking about getting your hair cut shorter, it can allow heat to let go through your scalp and as a result, makes you feel cooler. But if you prefer your hair long, just have it pony tailed, as long as you put your hair up, then you’re good to go.
  • Turn off electricity such as lights, television, oven, flat iron when it is not in used. Take note, these things produce heat energy!
  • Make sure you wear sunglasses whenever you go out in order to protect your eyes from the harmful radiation.
  • Stay out of the sun’s peak hours as much as possible, this is when the sunlight shines directly towards you. Often between 10:00 am until 3:00 pm. Avoid any outdoor activities during those hours if you don’t want to get sunburns.

So there it goes, hopefully these ideas will help you stay cool during summer days even without the air condition. The heat of summer can be enjoyable because this is the time when people want to stay under the sun and get tan but never forget to put sun protection to avoid sunburns and skin diseases in the long run.


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