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How to Stay Healthy When You’re Injured

Updated on September 19, 2012

I’m writing this at a time when all I can do is rest due to a few cracked ribs. Rest doesn’t come easy for me, as I am someone who works out every day and sometimes even squeezes in two workouts in a day. Getting injured is frustrating but can be a great time to take a break from your current workout and focus on other ways to stay well. And something to remember is that when you have recovered from your injury, your body will have to work harder than before, making it more effective and efficient in burning calories. In the meantime, here are four ways to stay healthy during your off time.

Look for another form of exercise.

Depending on the scope of your injury, you might be able to do other forms of exercise that you haven’t tried in the past, such as Pilates or yoga. Both forms of exercise have been known to help injuries heal faster and are great stress releasers. If you need low impact exercise, try doing a pool workout or a spin class. Now might be a good time to start a new strength training routine or trying a new group fitness class. Just be sure to talk with your doctor first to find out what limitations you have and what activities you should avoid.

Start a new, healthy habit.

If you are completely benched from exercise, focus on a new health goal, such as getting enough sleep or learning more about your finances. Read that book that you have wanted to read for the past year but just haven’t had the time. Spend the time that you would normally spend on exercising on a new activity that will help you become healthier in a different way. Overall health includes more than just exercise and now is a great time to find something else in your life that you can improve on. Think about an area in your life that causes you stress and then determine a goal that you want to reach to reduce that stressor.

Try new foods and new recipes.

Spend time baking, cooking, shopping for new foods and you’ll be happy that you did. Focus on recipes that use raw foods and all natural ingredients. Keeping a healthy diet during your off-time will help you maintain your weight. If you feel like you’re gaining weight, cut back one serving size a day.

Help someone else in need.

An injury often is hard to handle and turns into an excuse to sit on the couch, veg and watch TV every night. Where’s the good in that? Instead, why not reach out and help someone who might need some help or would enjoy your company? If you usually raced on Saturday mornings, volunteer for the race instead. You’ll make new friends and keep your mind off your injury.


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    • profile image

      Ghaelach 5 years ago

      Morning Julie.

      Good tips and a very interesting hub.

      I myself have learned to get around the problem of exercise. Being an invalid for the last ten years has stopped me doing many things. Easy things like riding a bike, going hiking, dancing are things I've not done for so many years. I can't even chase my grandchildren.

      A lot of what you say is common sence. I spend my summers over at my caravan and I always have something to do and it's always out doors.

      LOL Ghaelach