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How to Stay Healthy without Drugs

Updated on February 18, 2013

Take Responsibilty for your Health

Obviously drugs have played an important role in the development of western society. Not only the so called health aspects of drugs. But also the economic effect that drugs is having on the upper and lower classes of people in the USA. Take a look around ask your friends, you may have a difficult time finding an American over 40 that is not taking some sort of prescription drug.

In fact legal prescription drug use is at an all time high, It doesn't surprise me the way we are bombarded with commercials trying to convince us that we need to ask our doctor for new drugs . I have met people who pay hundreds of dollars a month for their drugs they believe they need to exist. They don't look healthy to me, they don't look happy nor are they able to make good decisions in their lives.

The medical community would have us believe that treatment is our best option because they have no cure for what is ailing us. The majority of the American people believe that conventional medical treatments alone will prolong their life and keep you healthy. They also have us believing that we are unable to think for our self's. Certainly we can find out if we have high blood pressure and seek a solution that does not require on going visits to the doctor and drugs.

To stay healthy and alert just takes a little common sense. You have heard it time and time again. If you eat a proper diet and exercise you will stay healthy. Yes there are always the stories of the people that eat unhealthy foods and live to be over 100 years old. If you pay attention to your body you may begin to learn that you can feel better by eating lighter. Eating more often and consuming fresher foods. Fruits,nuts ,fresh breads. Try to not eat out of a box at least once a week. Try skipping the fast food once a week. Use your own common sense and eat what you enjoy with moderation. Find your comfort food. I have found several foods that I consider healthy. When I eat these certain foods they make me feel good. Better than any drugs.

Its not just all about food. Sometimes staying healthy and keeping your sanity can be a chore. Try to find a way to relax besides watching TV and playing video games. Spend time alone if you can. Sometimes life has a tendency to sweep you away and we get caught up in all the superficial aspects of maintaining our life style. Take a break from the stresses of life and you might find it is much easier to stay healthy and avoid being over medicated. Sure some of us may need a doctor on occasion but I believe that if we start taking responsibility for our own health and diets we will be happier and healthier. Seldom in my life have I resorted to drugs to heal my ailments.

When I looked into taking the drug I found that the contraindications were much more than the therapeutic value. To me its just common sense that you would not want to take pills that could do more harm than good in the long run. I would rather figure out myself why I am not functioning the way I feel I should , rather than paying a doctor that is almost always just going to give me drugs and think he is helping me.


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