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How to Stay in Shape With an Office Job

Updated on March 15, 2012

Easy Office Exercises

The sedentary life of an office career man or woman can be tough - not only on our stress levels but also on our bodies. Both the stress of the office life and being inactive for 8 hours or more each day can take a devastating toll on our waistlines.

We all know that diet affects our weight, and that being active is just as important. But being chained to the desk all day makes it difficult include "active" in any part of the work day. So how can you stay active if you have a desk job? Check out some of these easy tips on getting a little blood circulation going and burning some calories all while sitting in your desk chair.

1. Sit Up Straight

Did you know that simply sitting up straight will burn calories? This means your shoulders are square, your back is erect, and your stomach is pulled in. Usually our stomachs cause us to slouch, and this results in the lower back and neck pain that we tend to get in the office. Focus on pulling your belly button inward so that it aligns with your head. This upright position will help your stomach muscles, reduce neck & lower back pain, and burn some calories during the day.

2. Standing Desk

Some offices allow for standing desks. Ask your employer if this is allowed. Standing alone will help you burn calories, even if you aren't moving all day. It has also been shown that standing while typing, instead of sitting makes your mind sharper and more alert.

If this type of desk is not possible for you to have at work, try standing while you eat your lunch or standing when you have to take a phone call.

3. Leg Lifts

Sit upright in your chair with your back straight and extend your legs out in front of you. Sit at the edge of your chair for more of an intense lift by working your derriere and giving you an ab crunch. Sit at the back of your chair and extend your legs for an outer thigh crunch.

4. Knee Lifts

Sit upright in your chair and lift one knee up across your body. So if you are lifting your right knee, you are raising it as high as you can while keeping your butt in the chair and moving it over to the left. Repeat this on the opposite side. This will work your inner thigh muscles.

5. Go for a Walk

Take advantage of your lunch break and go for a walk. Walk around the outside of the building if it's a nice day. Or walk around the halls of your office place for a few minutes, just to get your body moving.

6. Keep Office Items Far Apart

If you are unable to walk around outside or walk around the halls, try getting up to walk as much as possible, for instance send your print out to a printer that is across the office so that you need to walk over to it to get it. Arrange things in your office so that everything is not at an arm's length. This will force you to get up and move to access what you need.

While these exercises are not to be used in place of a gym workout before or after work, they can still help keep your body moving during the day and reduce some of your stress. Even just walking for 30 minutes in the middle of the work day on your lunch break will help clear your head, get your blood flowing, burn some calories, and help you feel refreshed.


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    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 5 years ago

      Love this, not an office worker myself but this was instructional and clean in format. The pictures were a bonus.