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How to Stay on Diet While on Vacation

Updated on November 5, 2009

Vacation: everybody  needs one, everybody deserves one but what do you do if you are on a strict diet? Indeed, it almost may feel as if the word vacation and the word diet do not get along well. To tell the truth after working so hard on losing some weight, the word vacation may  be actually dreaded by many. But there is no need to worry. By following some simple tips  and by making the right choices you may still get to enjoy that vacation to the Bahamas without the need to worry too much.

Weight Watcher  (of any other diet) Tips for Vacation

-Plan Ahead

Decide well in advance what are your expectations and how you will manage your vacation. Set some goals on how you will eat. Will you have a light lunch and splurge a bit for dinner? Will you continue to eat as at home? Will you eat the cereal and fruit for breakfast from your hotel buffet ? It is also a good idea to plan ahead for your airline meal which is often packed with too many calories. Order in advance a low fat diet or bring along your home made low fat meal. Also it is a great idea to research the local restaurants and learn about what they serve.

-Take Advantage to Tour

The best word to explain this is: ''exploration''. Visiting an island, an attractive city or an archaeological site? All these place offer you a great plus: the incentive to move. You may find yourself walking for hours as you explore unfamiliar territory and the best thing is that you may even not be aware of the fact that you may have walked even for miles as you take pictures and explore. Tour the hill tops with a mountain bike, explore a hiking path or go on horseback, the possibilities to move are endless.

-Stay Fit

Gorgeous beaches or a nice long boardwalk adjacent to the sea? Take advantage of these features to enjoy the sea breeze and run. Get out your favorite running shoes, your bottle of water and your best running attire and get those legs going. Not sure where to go? Then take advantage of the hotel's amenities. Most hotels now are equipped with gyms so to stay fit anywhere you are headed.

-Bring Snacks

Taking along some of your favorite Weight Watcher's snacks is a good idea, especially if you tend to get hunger pangs throughout the day. This way you will continue to eat healthy while feeling less tempted to eat  greasy street foods or fast foods which can be found just about everywhere today.

-Choose Wisely

Of course, meal time will be tempting especially if you are planning to go on a culinary adventure. Skip the greasy fried foods and the fatty cream based sauces. Opt instead for healthier grilled , baked or steamed foods. Leave the bread and enjoy the meat free salad with a no fat dressing.  Too much food? Ask for a doggy bag. Can't resist dessert? Split it with a friend. 

-Forget the Mini bar

Mini-bars are tempting for one reason: they are great money makers. Indeed they will stack the most tempting foods and then charge you three times the price you would normally pay for at home. Refuse to have the key or try your best to ignore their existence. Don't even take a peek. Rather, place your healthy snacks on top of it and make them look tempting to your eyes.

As seen, there are several ways to you get your diet to get along with your vacation without too many sacrifices. Perhaps the most important tip is to stay away from the too popular ''I am on diet but I am on vacation'' excuse and replace it with the more realistic '' I am on vacation but I am still on diet''. This will keep you focused on your diet intake while acknowledging that your vacation can still be enjoyed.


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    • immab profile image

      immab 7 years ago from Long Island, NY!

      thanks for the info -- i'm going on a cruise soon and would rather come back with a tan than a few extra lbs!

    • Queendenise35 profile image

      Denise Swoveland 8 years ago from Defiance,Ohio

      Thank you for your tips about eating right while going vacation. I would to go an archeological site and other cultures. You have good ideas about planning ahead and enjoying culinary from other culture that are heathier than American fare. Your article give my insight watching what I eat. Taking a hike whille sighteeing instead driving a car around the cities.

      From Queendenise35

    • UPStar profile image

      UPStar 8 years ago

      I always struggle with vacations and dieting!! Especially because a good part of vacation is enjoying the unique culinary offerings. I usually eat a very light breakfast and lunch, do alot of walking and active sight seeing, and have a great dinner somewhere special! I don't lose weight, but I dont gain, which is a victory nonetheless!

    • PegCole17 profile image

      Peg Cole 8 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      Have fun in the sun, take long walks, breath deeply, watch the sunsets, you make me long for my last vacation. Your ideas are truly sensible ways to keep on track with a diet while on vacation. Enjoy the seafood and fresh fruit and relax!