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How to Stop A Burn From Hurting

Updated on February 3, 2015
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This One Simple Trick Could Make All The Difference

My husband was involved in a flash fire that created second degree burns all over his face and head. His quick response made all the difference for him.

He started out putting water on the burns but quickly found that it wasn't helping.

He knew not to put butter because that would make the burns worse.

We tried ice packs, but the pain was excruciating.

Then, he thought of the thing that saved him. He had read a tip that, somehow, in the face of danger, he remembered. By listening to this advice, he spared himself pain and anguish.

The tip he remembered was to put raw eggs on burns.

He immediately began to put eggs on the burns, and they soothed the pain. Because they were thick and could stick to his skin better than water, they helped. They were cold and felt good on his skin.

He continued putting eggs on his head until the ambulance could get there. The EMT said eggs were not a good idea. He said raw eggs would introduce bacteria into the burn wounds.

The EMT did not agree with the decision to put eggs on the burns.

We disagreed.

While we knew that eggs could have bacteria, they also soothed the burns in a time of true pain.

In the hospital, after the initial shots of morphine, my husband did not need any other pain killers at all.

The doctors were amazed that he was not in pain. They said it was unheard of for someone with burns that severe not to be in pain. He could touch his face without any pain. When they cleaned his wounds, it did not hurt him any more than a sunburn would have. It was amazing!

The burn specialist agreed that the eggs helped.

Although the EMT and emergency room workers said the eggs had been a bad idea, the burn specialist had another opinion.

She said, although there was no scientific evidence for or against using eggs, they seemed to have worked in this case. She was amazed that my husband was not in more pain and admitted that the eggs probably played a role in that.

I knew right then, that if I ever got burned, I would remember the eggs.

I'm not a doctor, and I've never played one on TV.

I am certainly no medical expert, but I know what worked for us.

If you are ever badly burned, consider trying raw eggs. It spared my husband from having pain, and it might just work for you too.

Some people will immediately say this is ridiculous and won't work. Honestly, I thought the same thing, even as my husband was putting eggs on his head. I have to admit, though, that the eggs sure seemed to work. I can only go by our experience, and I suggest you use the eggs!


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