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How to Stop Being a People Pleaser and Believe in Yourself

Updated on July 22, 2017

Most of us live in a sheath of anxiety and insecurity. We have an inborn craving to be loved. Therefore, every so often, we go out of our way to please others and to maintain the harmony and concord. But, is it the only way out to have a fruitful relationship? Is this essential for this ‘harmony’ to come at the cost of your happiness?

No, not at all! You definitely don’t have to defeat yourself in the quest of making your relationships happy. Instead of waiting for others to love you, you must interpret the power within you and connect with yourself to feel good about you. You don’t have to become a people pleaser and put your faith on others to provide you what you already have deep within you. Dredge up that you are way more powerful than you can ever imagine off.

Do you try to avoid clashes in the offing as much as possible? Do you refute your own verity in an effort to make your lineages feel at ease? Can you do no matter what to ‘maintain the harmony’? Even if that takes account of betraying and deserting yourself by curbing your own inclinations and necessities! Or are you so intensive about nurturing the needs and desires of those near you that you even astray about whom you actually are?

Well, if an answer to all the above queries is YES, then you are a PEOPLE PLEASER! And, then it’s high time for you to change and trust yourself.

Stop being a people-pleaser and be your own cheering squad!

Stop being a people-pleaser, for the love of yourself, if not God, please! How? By relaxing with the REAL YOU and by recognizing your real associates, supports and friends – and not the people taking advantage of you. Stop mingling with ones who desire to have their living pictures for friends!

Along these lines, you’ll feel way more relaxed and less drained. The sum and substance of this entire article are how to embrace the real you and get rid of the PEOPLE-PLEASING YOU. Read on to find out how to say ‘NOPE’ and not feel awkward about the same.

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You have all you need within you

When you entirely embrace the idea that you have all you need within you, then you can cuddle your true self. Pick your brain and let your mind apprehend what you desire as an alternative to articulating others about what you already own. Peeping within your soul will help you boost your self-confidence and assurance of what you possess. Otherwise, you will give away your power to others to judge you if you deserve to be loved, believed, accepted or not.

Begin to accept yourself for who you are

This does not mean that if you are missing in some parts of your life then you must not work on improving in those zones. Instead, it means that you must accept yourself as a perfect individual and believe in your abilities. Your core and spirits are perfect. Those zones that need further improvement are likewise the part and parcel of the ‘perfection route’. Shot your devotion towards yourself and have faith in yourself. This will assist you in maintaining a healthy work-life balance as well.

Choose your battles

If you are dubious that your honest words and thoughts are going to cause a battle that you aren’t ready to deal with, it’s fine to accept the truth and choose not expressing it. Summon up that few individuals won’t ever be able to listen to you or benevolently accept the disrespect. In fact, if they find your truth to be troublesome or intimidating, they may try to persuade you that your truth is nothing but a tall tale. Strike a note that — not every man jack is looking for truthful, give-and-take relationships. There are people who will always try to judge, dishonor, or blame you – not matter what you do.

Find the true love within you

Now that you discern where your devotion, care and courtesy must be and that you possess a strong power deep within, explore the love that dwells within you. Love yourself, find your true love and connect with it. Let yourself feel adored, valued, respected and loved. Stretch your arms out and feel the warmth of love and let it hug, gratify and please you. Don’t forget that it is this withdrawal from love and battle against loneliness within us that forces us to fill the void from an external cradle. This, time and again, ends by making us feel dissatisfied as somebody did not give us all that we looked-for.

Stop explaining yourself in an effort to defend your position

Believe me, it’s a TRAP! You’re allowed to have your own opinions, feelings, beliefs, desires, experiences, and penchants, just like anybody else. The point that someone in your life doesn’t settle with your thoughts or respect your reality doesn’t make them right. Have faith in yourself and your opinions. Every now and then, our “gut feelings’ can say a lot more about an individual or a situation than any connoisseur may blatantly present us.

My decision is final

As soon as you define your ideals and better know what is appropriate for you, learn to say, “My decision is final.” If you already know that refusing or rebuffing a wish will never be well-received by people taking advantage of you, then learn to take your own decisions and stick to them. These ‘four little words’ can actually go a long way to making certain that any doors that may manipulate you are resolutely shut. Moreover, you will save yourself from a lot more pain down the line.

Keep the best and get rid of the rest

Just because you are no longer acting as a doormat to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, doesn’t mean that you must change your healthy characters and manners. Nor does it mean that you must become self-absorbed and egoistic, caring simply for yourself and your own desires. By and large, individuals with people pleaser psychology are kind, polite and friendly. It’s, in fact, easier to maintain a pleasing behavior when you know that you care for yourself in the phase of life’s endless burdens.

Learn to believe in yourself, no matter what the condition is. Determining your beliefs, recognizing your priorities, having faith in yourself and outlining your opinions are few of the most remarkable ways to develop a strong relationship with yourself. Take your time and believe in yourself, note down your priorities in life and comprehend what is significant to you. This will assist you in developing your knacks to say “YES” or “NO.”

In the long run, you will discover that your worth does not hinge on what great deeds you do to make others glad at your own expense. Get all set to witness a hard dose of the bitter truth: Submissive, compliant deeds serve no one, ever! By submitting your power to others and deserting yourself, you are letting yourself live a “deceit.” And such “deceits” and “falsehoods” won’t help you in the long run!


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