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How to Stop Snoring Using Simple and Effective Tips

Updated on January 3, 2011

How to Stop Snoring

How to Stop Snoring Using Simple and Effective Tips

Here are a few tips about how to stop snoring so that you can enable both yourself and your room mate or bed mate a peaceful and restful night’s sleep in the near future. Snoring is one of the worst nuisances that any body would be ever forced to endure, and in case if you are still struggling without knowing how to handle it, here are a few tips and advices for you.

Overweight Concerns

If you are overweight then the best suggestion for you is to resolve to slim down. Try to put in your best efforts at trimming down your weight. Work-out, find a perfect diet regime that you can easily follow and adapt to. Lessen on your calorie intake and choose healthy and nutritious foods as your snacks. The lesser fat accumulation in your body, the better it will enable you to deal with your snoring problems. Reducing weight is excellent for your general health and helps in keeping you free from developing many other dangerous diseases.

Sleeping Position

Your sleeping posture could be the culprit in aggravating your snoring. Try to use a firm pillow and refrain from using too many pillows because it can lead to narrowing of your nasal passage and trigger snoring. Nevertheless, if you feel congested then it would be better to elevate your head by placing a few blocks underneath your bed rather than accumulating several pillows. This would ensure better drainage of the sinuses and lesser obstruction of the nasal passage.

Alcohol and Antihistamine Consumption

Another effective tip about how to stop snoring is to refrain from drinking too much alcohol, especially after evening and cutting back on tobacco smoking. Scientific studies show a strong relationship between alcoholism, drug abuse and smoking. So if you stop your intake of such harmful products, it will definitely guarantee a more peaceful and snore free sleep for you and your mate.

Moreover, if you are accustomed to taking antihistamines and sleeping pills, better consult your physician about it so that he or she may provide you a safer and side effect-free alternative to these products because these types of medications also increase the chances of snoring at night.

Professional Advice

If you have tried all the above tips on how to stop snoring but still failed to achieve desirable results then it would be best to consult your doctor about possible sleep disorders like sleep apnea. There are numerous anti snoring devices or products like over the counter nasal strips, oral or dental appliances, and snoring masks which your dentist or physician can suggest to lessen the intensity of your snoring. In worst case scenarios, your physician may even recommend surgery or laser treatments to cure your snoring problems.

Alternative Medicine and Snoring:

Many chronic and incurable cases which have no cure in the mainstream method of treatment have been benefited positively by switching over to Alternative medical treatments. Acupressure, magneto therapy, reflexology, Reiki, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Yoga etc are Alternative and Holistic methods of healing. All of these branches of medicine have their own solutions to snoring. Moreover, he best part about these holistic approaches of treatment is that they are absolutely safe and have no side effects like the main stream medications. And most of these Alternative Medical therapies suggest very simple and effective procedures and medications to tackle snoring.

The above mentioned tips are simple, yet if followed properly then it may help lessen or even stop your snoring problems. But for best results then you may consult an otolaryngologist, who is a specialist specifically skilled and trained to diagnose and treat cases of snoring.


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