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How to Stop Sweaty Armpits Fast | Home Remedies for Sweaty Armpits

Updated on September 20, 2013

Sweating Profusely

Sweating is inevitable. It is the body’s way of regulating temperature especially during exercise or hot weather. Wherever you live and whether you have an active lifestyle or not, you have probably experienced that uncomfortable feeling caused by sweating. However, some people sweat more than others. There are people who find their shirt soaking in sweat in the middle of an important meeting. Excessive underarm sweating can be annoying and frustrating. It can interfere with your day to day activities. Sometimes, a distinct smell accompanies your sweaty armpits which adds to the already embarrassing problem.

Fortunately, there are ways to treat the condition and prevent it from coming back. Read on to learn how to stop sweaty armpits naturally plus other essential tips to keep in mind when battling with excessive underarm sweating.

Home Remedies for Sweaty Armpits

  • Alum crystal.

When using alum crystal, you may want to smooth out edges first before applying it onto your underarms. This remedy can easily be bought in grocery stores. You can choose to buy a deodorant which contains alum.

  • Lime.

Cut lime in half and rub it on your underarm. The acid from limes absorbs excess sweat and effectively kills bacteria. Remember to let your underarms dry first before putting on any clothing.

  • Apple cider vinegar.

After taking a shower, use a cotton ball to rub apple cider vinegar on your underarms. Do this at night before sleeping. Rinse your underarms when you wake up in the morning and apply an antiperspirant as you normally would. Apple cider vinegar works together with the antiperspirant to maintain dryness.

  • Baking soda.

Baking soda absorbs sweat and prevents any unpleasant odor. Dab it on your underarms after taking a bath.

8 Tips to Stop Sweaty Armpits Fast

1. Use an antiperspirant.

Make it a habit to use an antiperspirant daily. This greatly helps control underarm sweating. Take note of the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant. A deodorant is used to cover up odors. On the other hand, an antiperspirant is used to stop sweating. Both have their uses so make sure you pick the one that is appropriate for your needs.

2. Stay clean.

An important part of personal hygiene is taking a bath every day. This ensures that bacteria are washed off your body. As you know very well, not taking a bath as often as you should gives you an unpleasant smell. Try using an antibacterial soap to help kill bacteria. You can also try applying baking powder on your underarms to soak up moisture and keep odor at bay.

3. Avoid synthetic fibers.

Have you noticed that sometimes you sweat more when you wear a certain piece of clothing as compared to others? This is because some materials do not allow your skin to breathe. As much as possible, wear clothes that are made of natural fibers such as cotton and wool. They also make you feel more comfortable. Synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester do not allow heat to easily escape, causing you to feel warmer and sweat more profusely.

4. Avoid certain beverages.

You may not know it but some beverages actually make you perspire more profusely. The common culprits here are caffeinated drinks and alcoholic beverages.

5. Live a healthy life.

This tip sounds too general but it may very well be the best way to stop sweaty armpits and other problems you may have. Remember to eat a balanced diet. Some foods are found to make you perspire more such as meat, eggs, garlic, and onion. The important thing is to take everything in moderation. Excessive sweating is also linked to obesity. Because of this, it is suggested to engage in a regular workout routine. You can try a weight training program or yoga.

6. Reduce stress.

Stress causes you a lot of trouble. It exacerbates many diseases and does not allow your body to work in its full potential. Have you ever experienced being in a social gathering and feeling very nervous, and you find yourself sweating excessively? This is because emotions like nervousness lead to sweating. It is vital to learn how to manage stress and get rid of anxiety. Find time to do breathing exercises or meditation every day.

7. Consult a doctor.

If you have tried all the methods above but still suffer from sweaty armpits, it is time to see a doctor. Excessive sweating can be a symptom of more serious health problems such as heart disease, leukemia, and tuberculosis. You may also be suffering from hyperhidrosis, a condition that causes an individual to sweat profusely. This is usually the case if there is also excessive sweating in your palms and feet.

8. Medical treatments.

This should be considered as your last resort to reduce sweating of your underarms. Seek the advice of an expert to help you decide whether a medical treatment is necessary to get rid of underarm sweating. These procedures can be expensive but the investment is worth it as it immensely helps in stopping sweaty armpits.

  • Iontophoresis. This treatment uses water to deliver an electric shock. The body is submerged in water and electric currents are delivered to the armpits. This aims to stop the function of the sweat glands. This is done every day within a specified time span.
  • Botox injections. Botox is not only used to reduce wrinkles, it is also used to stop underarm sweating. In this treatment the nerves that stimulate sweating are blocked. The downside is this is effective for about six months only so you may have to do it again after the effect is gone.
  • Anti-depressants. If the cause of your sweaty armpits is stress, taking an antidepressant can help you control the condition. It is highly recommended to consult a doctor first and ask for a prescription.
  • Surgery. Surgical tumescent liposuction involves the removal of the sweat glands in the armpits. This operation is suggested if excessive sweating only occurs in your armpits. There is a risk that this may cause an increase in sweating on other parts of the body but nevertheless, it is an effective way to stop sweaty armpits fast.

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    • profile image

      Mackd'souza 6 years ago

      i hope this will work 4 me thanks

    • Cliff Mendrez profile image

      Cliff Mendrez 6 years ago from Philippines

      luckyfind, I hope you find something that will work for you. Thanks for reading!

    • luckyfind profile image

      luckyfind 6 years ago

      I remember my grandmother always used bakingsoda under her arms,I'd rather find something less toxic and more natural too. So long as I don't stink! thanks for the info.

    • katrinasui profile image

      katrinasui 6 years ago

      I hope these steps will help in getting rid of Sweaty Armpits.

    • Cliff Mendrez profile image

      Cliff Mendrez 6 years ago from Philippines

      After you have rinsed your underarms in the morning, apply your antiperspirant as you normally would. Apple cider vinegar is known to close pores and maintain dryness. Thanks for your question. I forgot to add this information in my hub.

    • greatstuff profile image

      Mazlan 6 years ago from Malaysia

      Hi Cliff..good article. Just curious, when you use the apple cider vinegar, after you have rinsed in the morning, how long will it last? Does it have the 'staying power' right thru the whole day even if I have my gym session in the afternoon?