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Kill Fear Before It Kills You

Updated on December 19, 2009

Life is Simple and to be Enjoyed!

We humans make it complex and difficult by misuse of our mind.
We humans make it complex and difficult by misuse of our mind.

Fear Begins in the Mind and Leads to the Grave

"The coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave man only once." Anonymous

If we were to discover that there was one germ or one gene that was the primary cause of all disease, we would no doubt pour all medical research resources into isolating it. What an accomplishment! No more illness. Imagine all the suffering we could eliminate, and all the money we could save.

Read this article slowly and absorb its main concept. We have already found the source of the greatest pandemic the world will ever see. One that has been gradually spreading and consuming mankind not only with disease but with destruction of all kinds for centuries. It eats at the brain and destroys us cell by cell. It is a disease worse than Alzheimer's that pits man against man, nation against nation, and will destroy us as a race unless we isolate and eliminate it. It is equivalent to the mother germ, the mother gene of death and destruction. It is fear, the primary source of damaging stress, anger, violence, prejudice, misunderstanding, hatred, war, and all of the resulting death and destruction.

The was a famous experiment that placed many rats in a very small space. The results were bloody and devastating. We are not rats, but if we do not understand what is happening to us the results will be very similar. The more than six billion people of the earth are rapidly being forced closer and closer together, and with that proximity comes the resurgence of ancient and new animosities, not based on current fact but on memory. One example alone will be enough to make the point, i.e. Israel and Iran. Why does Iran want nuclear weapons? Because, its ancient enemy has them. In our individual lives, we are constantly bombarded with frightful images that trigger memories that in tern trigger fear and a dangerous hormonal imbalance which over time will tear our bodies and our world apart.

Warning! Read the rest of this short article, and it can, without doubt, save your life. Read it with an open mind, and you will know its truth. Here are four steps to complete freedom of mind and body. Albert Einstein said, “If the answer is simple, God is speaking.” The answer here is supremely simple.

  1. Psychological fear is ONLY unnecessary thought in the form of memory. Grasp that one simple concept, and you have taken THE major step toward complete freedom.

  2. Unnecessary thought is any thought or memory, that does not have a specific reason to be in your head, i.e. isn't solving a specific problem with a specific, known solution.

  3. There is now a way to eliminate unnecessary thought by using a simple, science-based technique.

  4. Eliminate unnecessary thought, and the fear generated by those thoughts/memories is automatically eliminated.

It is impossible to be afraid of the unknown, because, by definition it is unknown. What we are actually afraid of is what we already know, i.e. the memories of our previous experiences, and/or those of others that we have learned about vicariously in our own lives or through the media. Our subconscious mind stores those memories and dumps them into our current awareness when triggered by similar circumstances in our personal life or through the media.

More than thirty years ago, I discovered The Relaxation Response, a book written by Herbert Benson, M.D., a world-famous thoracic surgeon and a Harvard Medical School professor, when I was in a miserable emotional state brought about by fear. It was from his simple technique that I developed alpha training which has been the way that I have reached a state of mind that is free from fear and the resultant damaging stress. This simple and free technique is the culminating of forty years as a psychotherapist and mind explorer. I am by no means special or unique; so, anyone who has the motivation and discipline can do this, too. Just use alpha training long enough as directed to change the neuron pathways in your brain, and you, too can say, "Fear and stress don't even know where I live anymore!" Of course, the more people we have doing that, the more our global family will reduce the fear that is driving us away from each other and toward the edge.

I warned you that the answer is simple. Use alpha training as directed for one week, and you will see the amazing results for yourself.

Copyrighted, 2009, Stephen G. Scalese


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