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How to Go about Breathing Meditation Sessions

Updated on January 6, 2013

There are several styles and types of breathing exercises known today, but for us who are new to meditation practices, the easiest, and perhaps, most effective kind of meditative exercise includes breathing meditation.

Breathing meditation is easy to do and quite simple to understand. Its main focus is to help you meditate just by focusing on your breathing. This exercise is as simple as sitting down on the ground, either in a lotus position or with folded needs, and breathing in and out carefully.

Other types of meditation practice require you to focus your attention. The same goes for simple breathing practices like these, but instead of fixating your mind on an abstract concept, you only need to focus on your breathing.

Focus on the number of heaves and breaths you take. Do your best not to get distracted, because the moment you step out of the meditation zone, the entire meditative practice ends. Distraction then is, as you can tell, the main enemy of every person who seeks to meditate properly and thoroughly.

To achieve perfect clarity and lucidity of the mind, many yogists and practitioners use certain tools, gadgets if you will, to create a synthetic yet almost real calm and serene environment. Even meditation gurus today recommend the use of these tools so practitioners can meditate properly regardless of their environment. For example, if you live in a busy metropolis like New York or London, where motorists are a common sight, white noise machines can block out unnecessary noise so you can go about your meditation comfortably.

White noise machines are beneficial to yogists, meditation practitioners, and basically, anyone who aims to rest through breathing meditative practices. You can use white noise machines at home, in your office, or if you have made a career out of meditation, in your studio.

White noise has long been used in corporate offices and extremely rowdy and busy places because they are capable of keeping distractions at bat. If they work effectively in busy offices, rest assured, they will work well in studios and homes.

Installing a white noise machine in your home will allow you to make the most out of your meditative practices, and might perhaps, allow you to achieve the highest stages of mental clarity.


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